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Metal Flagpole And Lightning

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johnk | 06:54 Fri 09th Jun 2023 | Home & Garden
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Should I earth my alluminium flagpole with all the lightning on the way and what's the best way


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Assuming it's in the ground, isn't it already grounded ?
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Its sat on a tile on a flagstone
On it, so not very tall then. Well, my guess is that you can if you like, but it's unlikely to get hit, and if it did what odds that it'd jump across to something else rather than continue to earth down the pole ? Or is it pole damage that concerns you ? Unsure I'd bother, but if you'd rather be safe than sorry.
Aluminium is going to be it's own lightning conductor; I'd have thought.
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It's 21 feet high and bracketed to a wall.
It is damage to the pole I'm worried about, I don't want any melting or burning.

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Metal Flagpole And Lightning

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