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bednobs | 15:41 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Home & Garden
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i sent my friend a grow you own mushroom kit last year, and he's been delighted with the funghi fun he's had growing enormous mushrooms.
I'd now like to send him something else he could grow quickly and without much fuss indoors and (optional) eat.
Any recommendations


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The quickest thing to grow at this time of the year would be a radish.. takes about four or five weeks from sowing to harvest. Just do them in any old pots, maybe get a selection.
The other thing that springs to mind is Chilli peppers, but then you are looking at six months.
Tomatoes are great, if you are growing in a pot, have a look for a type called Maskotka ..they dont get much taller than 15 '' and are suited to container growing where they tumble over the side. They do produce a vast amount of fruit for their size. The biggest bonus it there is no maintenance to them, other than watering. I always do about 30 of these every year.
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at this time of year?
Alavahalf. Would that tomato be suited to a hanging basket type thing?

Sorry Bednobs
Indoors? If that's the case, I'd give them a go.
Rocky.. I will have four small troughs hanging on the wall.. Only 8" Deep and 3 feet long. There will be 4 plants in each one. We do them every year as they are so successful..
The Postman has literally just delivered my seeds for this year.. £3.00 for 40 seeds on eBay.
Thanks alava. I'm determined to plant some toms this year.
Microgreens, try premier seeds direct, organic seeds and you grow them on kitchen paper lie mustard and cress. I love radish sprouts, and broccoli is very rich in anti oxidants
I was going to try microgreens last year...and didn't. Thanks for the reminder.
As a rule I would always get my seeds from Premier Seeds Direct .. but since last year they closed up shop on Ebay. This year you can shop direct with them although prices have now gone through the roof .. or you get a tiny amount of seeds compared to what you got last year !
Can't really say we have ever had any problems with Wilko's seeds .. possibly the best price on the high street !
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so can i just be clear
1) can you grow tomatoes indoors
2)can you grow them now
1. yes provided there is enough light
2. see 1.

peashoots are quick to grow and very tasty
Avoid tomatoes, they're not ideal for beginners and need lots of warmth and sunshine. Plus its way too early for tomatoe growing in the UK.

I had one of these for birthday last year. I loved it and have just bought more basil seeds so that I can start it all over again.

Shop around as mine was from a different seller but cant remember who.
This all I can find bednobs.

I would stick to one of the types that produce marble size fruits, I will try and find what I grow outside, name escapes me at the moment.
Think this guide is American but principles are the same.

Forgot link getting tired, no alcohol involved.
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"Forgot link getting tired, no alcohol involved."
Poor you :( and it's friday
That basil looks good but is hugely expensive
Yes was up with the early birds and had a busy day, will make it till 10 PM then bed and radio will beckon.
You can buy seed for mixed leaves. Lettuce of various types which you just pick as you need. They will grow fine in a cold conservatory or on a windowsill (although in doors they get leggy very easily). They are not meant to heart-up and they make a nice, light change.

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