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jennyjoan | 15:42 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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After 2 or 3 years of happy sitting on my toilet - toilet seat has broken off at the hinges. Now I need to buy a new one. However I am puny and weak and can't turn the screws at the bottom off - anything I can use.

Also if I am to put this new toilet seat on myself I need to have top fittings. Any recommendations please.

Thank you


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After 2 or 3 years of happy sitting on my toilet

Wow, that must have been one heck of a curry.

Seriously though, molegrips or pliers should undo the nuts under the bowl.

Replacement seats come with all necessary fittings.
I had to use pliers to change mine.
Question Author
was going to say happy years of s(h)itting LOL - TMI Sparkly.

Do need the top fittings as my toilet is very near to wall.
B and Q do a vast range of seats. The parts that go through the holes in the pan are adjustable to ensure the seat stays up.
You're in luck JJ
Sparkly's on the case

He's bored ................................ ;o)
Jj, you need a good wrench or spanner or preferably grandchild to to get the old seat off.

Putting the new one on: you need to make sure it will fit the holes already in your loo.
Mine too, jj. I turned the hinges on the new one inwards, as it was the only way they would fit.
Jo.......... using a grandchild as a wrench is frowned upon.
Even if he has got strong teeth ;o(
Hi Builder. A bit tricky getting the bolt in the right position to ensure seat fits correctly and both seats stay upright.
Very annoying (for men) when the seat falls down during a
I think the newer seat replacements have plastic wing nuts.
If you haven't got a pliers or wrench, do you have a nut cracker (stop it, you know what I mean) so that you could grip the screw on bits.

Question Author
thanks all - I seem to be talking toilets all the time. This was the longest that this toilet held on and held me so maybe I'll let the plumber nephew take care of this or my handyman - I'm not able to do the jobs I used to do. Hell - Old Age isn't for Sissies LOL
Question Author
Hello Hans - we posted together. As I said in my above posts - I do miss doing my own DIY.
A good idea, JJ.
Even with the right tools, it does take quite a lot of strength to shift these things sometimes.
Question Author
in answer to your question Builder - yes they are wingnuts but since nephew put them on - they are very tight, also the left one is outta the question since my left arm/shoulder has been broken 3 times so sorta no power there.
Question Author
Builder - can you advise a good sit tight wooden one from Argos perhaps soft-close.

Although the toilet seat has broken off - I had been thinking of changing the white to wood as the "brown" wood was showing through the white paint and it looked too "marked". Thanks for any answer
This is one under their own brand JJ.
Solid timber and soft close (they call it slow close.)

You can pay more, but I certainly wouldn't pay any less.
Question Author
thanks Builder - that'll do me - I wanted it in so nephew can come any time. x PS - And am glad of the soft close too.
You also need to make sure it's the right shape, toilet bowls do vary and we had a problem getting a replacement seat for an old loo, contacted the loo manufacturer in the end.

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