How Flat Does A Wall Need To Be For Tiling

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ck1 | 15:40 Sat 19th Sep 2020 | Home & Garden
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I've just had some new plasterboard put up on my bathroom walls ready for tiling, there seems to be a lot of lipping between the sheets though which I wasn't expecting to see. Before I complain, is this normal, and is there an allowable amount of lippage in order to be able to tile over?


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Plasterboard should always be as "flush" as possible Ck.
Was it nailed onto timber studwork, or glued on?
As flat as possible. Otherwise you need skill to judge the adhesive needed to even the fronts of the tiles out. How much is "a lot" of lipping" ?
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It was nailed on, I asked the guy and he said there's about 5mm of adhesive to go on so it's not a problem...
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But 5mm of adhesive sounds like a hell of a lot!
Sounds dodgy to me - plasterboard should be flush and yes I'm not an expert on tiling but 5mm adhesive for WALL tiles sounds a bit generous. Seems to me like your tiler is tiling over bad workmanship - never a good idea.
I don't see how it can be so far out on studwork.
Are we sure he hasn't used different thickness plasterboard? ;o)

Depends on the size of tiles. Modern preference is for those dirty great big 300mm x 600mm ones.
Now, they often need even more than 5mm to stop them rocking.
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The explanation was that the edges of the plasterboard are bevelled, so if you put a bevelled edge against a cut board there will be a lip. Kinda makes sense, it's hard to argue when you have no idea about the intricacies of plasterboard!
Oh.......... is that all it is Ck ;o))))

Not good practice usually (when plastering), but I can assure you it will make no difference at all for tiling.

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How Flat Does A Wall Need To Be For Tiling

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