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horseshoes | 16:05 Wed 24th Oct 2018 | Home & Garden
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I need your advice please. We had gravel on top of a membrane in front of our cottage which was looking dreadful so we've cleared it away and I would like to put pebbles embedded into cement instead. The other side of the door has very old pebbles and I'd like to have it similar to that (obviously it won't have the moss and general weeds). My question really is this.... do we need to mix the cement in a certain way to put the pebbles in? Also will it withstand a car parking on it? I'd hate to do it and then have it disintegrate. Also if we were getting someone in to do it what trade person would we need to ask?

Thank you ......sorry I realise its more than one question.


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Possibly 3-4 of sand 1 of cement. Main consideration would be base structure. Quarter to dust . 6 inches or so levelled or with fall away from house. Compacted. Call in neighbours who have had drives done. Ask if they’re satisfied with the work and would recommend the contractor.
If you're going stand a car on it you need to dig deep, plenty of hardcore ideally tamped down before you worry about the pebble finish.
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Thanks malagabob. We don't have any neighbours, but there is another cottage in the next village, but we can't catch them in! I'll certainly keep looks really nice.

What does quarter to dust mean?
dust is normally term for cement amongst the building fraternity. Will you have a solid base to lay your pebbles in?
horseshoes how many square feet or metres are you planning on doing?
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It's not a very big area.....about 8ft x 4ft. It's a VERY old cottage.....I'm pretty sure we've even got a "dirt" inside the cottage, so i don't think there's anything too solid outside, although i can see SOME remains of stones. I'll TRY to show you a photo if I can fathom out Tinypic. Stand by.....
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Ok Horseshoes being as its such a small area and an old cottage, I would not excavate to much, just scrape some soil away. Are you not just happy with big shingle? Is your drive level with road, or what incline do you have?
I cant view it but if you can convert to a Jpeg and repost my be able to give some advice as will others
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Your trying again.

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Ok do you share the path to left or is kerbstone your boundary?
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The path to the left is actually the road! The kerb stones are our boundary with the road (single track road but on a bus route with passing places). I expect the council own the kerb stones. Would it help if I took another photo showing the whole length in one shot? I can do it in the morning.
could'nt see first image but if you only need a hard-standing for car, would suggest a weed and and some mixed gravel over it all, otherwise it could end up a big job. ground and stones have sat there for a long time, why spoil them? You may just need to put some weedkiller down each year?
OK you dont want to disturb anything that belongs to council, i would just gravel it, various colours are available to match in with your existing site. A tonne bag will be plenty;oq=travis+perkins+gr&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.45643j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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I don't mind the weeding. It doesn't always look this bad. We dug it out BEFORE knowing what to do (silly i know). In really did want cobble stones (pebbles). That's what was there originally. They look lovely in the next village. If its a big job then Ill probably take your advice and get gravel again. Our coalman (yes, our coalman)sells lots of different travels. I'll go and have a look tomorrow. Thank you. x
OK Horseshoes just go for it then, you will need to get most of the big slabs out so you get an even "bed" for your cobble stones. Run a string and straight piece of wood over site. The kurb looks high if you want cobbles so you might have to take some stones out and level soil. but they do not come cheap

But best bet is to ask the coalman or locals if they know a better and cheaper source.

All the best

Quarter to dust is a building term for hardcore some call it. It’s name describes its make up. Dust very fine particles to 1/4 inch sized pieces. If you’ve ever seen new roads being laid it’s the pink substructure before they lay the tarmac.
Yes, it does depend on what the sub-base is under what's there now.
For a car, it really does need a good solid hardcore sub-base.

Assuming that there is hardcore there, I would excavate what's there to a depth of 100mm.
Then pour 100mm thick concrete. When the concrete has gone a bit stiff, then add the pebbles. Use a piece of 4x2 (100 x 50) timber to lightly tamp the pebbles down into the concrete to give them a good seat.
Concrete mix: 4:2:1 That's 4x chippings, 2 x sand and 1 x cement.
But, I repeat, an excavation hole is essential to make sure there is a good hardcore base.

If not, then excavate to a depth of 250mm. Ram 150mm of hardcore, then the concrete and pebbles.

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