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How To Minimise Weeds Between Flagstones In Garden Paths.

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modeller | 18:24 Sat 16th Sep 2017 | Home & Garden
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I have a large garden with many paved paths but weeds are a constant problem between the flagstones .


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I would spray them myself, with a good systemic weed killer.
A weedkiller called Round Up kills weeds and the roots. Has worked wonders for us.
Pathclear is good and it prevents the weeds growing again.
Readymix over the top ?
pathclear. Its glyphosate like round up but also has another chemical in it that inhibits seed germination
brush in a dry ready mix bag of concrete when it next rains problem solved
Pathclear for me as well
Mix apple cider vinegar with salt and apply liberally. I never use pesticides or herbicides in the garden.
Absolutely agree with Maggie.
I tend to use boiling water and salt but same result, and definitely not 'poisons'.
maggie; //Mix apple cider vinegar with salt and apply liberally.//

In what proportions please?
Any of the above methods look good to me. What I find that helps, is to strim off the weeds (a day or two) beforehand.
Plain salt will do, but it can run off into neighbouring beds.
once you have killed them do as I suggest and all the cracks will be more weeds kill I use a bleach/salt solution about 1 pt of household bleach to 5 litres and about 3 cups of salt..but only on stoned area where it will not contaminate beds... use it on gravel drive

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How To Minimise Weeds Between Flagstones In Garden Paths.

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