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Recommend A Vacuum Cleaner, Please!

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sara3 | 18:17 Mon 18th Nov 2013 | Home & Garden
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all my appliances last and last, except vacuum cleaners!

I bought a Dyson Animal two weeks ago and it's rubbish. it picks up everything except the bloody cat hair! I'm going to take it back.

any recommendations? less than £200 (preferably much less!) and I'd prefer an upright bagless jobbie, but happy to listen to any suggestions..


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Miele Cat and Dog always gets good reviews. It is a cylinder model though.
Sell the cat and get a cheapo vac.............
We only ever use Dyson, we havent found anything better.

the only difference with the Dyson Animal compared to other Dyson's is a filter that prevents fine dusts and pathogens being released from it. it doesn't claim to be any more suitable than any other Dyson apart from that, we just went for the ordinary one, works great on dog hair.

Another good thing about Dyson, if it breaks, they will come to your home to fix it and will charge £60 with no extras. (I think that is still the case anyway)
Miele every time Sara.
Crafty has obviously never met Colin ;o)
I gave in and bought a Miele Cat & Dog a couple of months ago, wish I'd bought one much sooner it's brilliant. The model I got was £230 but I believe the next one down is about £180, I needed the heavier duty one as my dog moults fluff constantly.
Our "Henry" is fantastic and when it ever gives up on us, will always buy another.
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thanks all, except craft.... tut! I'm going to send The Builder over to tell you off.

Ratter, that was interesting, I'd assumed I'd got the best one for the job!

I'll look into the Miele one.. who sells them?
£100 for a Henry.
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pusskin, does that have a bag in it?

Henry takes a lot of beating imo
John Lewis and House of Fraser are sound bets for finding Miele, I'm sure he electrical stores have them too but I tend to avoid their spotty 12yr old advisers on principal!
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Baldric, I think I'd be better with an upright. I have back trouble and for some reason, I find myself bending more with a cylinder.

thanks Eccles, just looking on the JL site and blimey, Miele Cat and Dog is over £300 :o/
bex bissell upright - absolutely brilliant - I have two - one for upstairs and downstairs.
i bought a hoover from argos it was £29 its great and i have a dog who loves moulting all over the place, only thing is tho its cylinder with a bag ive had so called pet hair hoovers and they stopped working properly really quickly. ive had this for months and the suction is a good as it was at beginning
''I find myself bending more with a cylinder''

You need a longer pipe...
I swapped the Henry for the Miele, it's not even in the same league.
I have a Henry. It's ok. Has a bag. Can tend to roll over when pulled. Unsure about it's abilities re pet hair. Does a reasonable job on all else.
ps bex bissell to be seen in Asda and usually over 80 pounds.
The Miele poles are a lot longer than most cylinders so bending down isn't a problem and I'm a fair bit taller than you :)

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