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Buderus 500-24C Issue

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kmc1957 | 20:01 Mon 18th Nov 2013 | Home & Garden
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Hi Everyone,
First time here, I found it via Google.

I've seen a thread relating to the Boulter Buderous 500-24C system so I'm hoping for a hand with this problem, the central heating part work fine, but the domestic hot water is a problem, it cycles through luke warm to hot but not very hot, you can hear the system firing up and turning itself off, we sometimes have to turn the hot tap on for 10 - 15 seconds and then turn it off, then turn it on after a minute to fool it into working.

Is there a fix or do we have to replace.

I'd read somewhere that Buderus are a quality make, but the last two plumbers we got in to look at it said "never seen one before, I can supply and fit a new one tho"


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Yes, they are a high quality boiler from what I read.

I'm not a boilerman, but, what's your mains water pressure like? Is it pretty feeble?

By the way, welcome to AB
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Hi Builder, many thanks for the welcome, no problems with the water pressure, both plumbers checked that, it's only been a problem for a few months, but I can't really afford to go for a whole new boiler, checked the Buderus website and the replacement parts aren't that bad.
Ok kmc, that's ruled that out then.
It does sound like something needs replacing in the boiler. It might be worth asking Buderus for any names of installers who are familiar with this model. Boilers differ so much, you just need someone with some experience of this one.
Good luck with it. I'm sorry I couldn't help much.
Question Author
Hi Builder

I think you are right, contacting Buderus may be the only answer, I'll give it a few more days on this site to see if any one turns up trumps.

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Buderus 500-24C Issue

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