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Recommend A Vacuum Cleaner, Please!

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sara3 | 18:17 Mon 18th Nov 2013 | Home & Garden
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all my appliances last and last, except vacuum cleaners!

I bought a Dyson Animal two weeks ago and it's rubbish. it picks up everything except the bloody cat hair! I'm going to take it back.

any recommendations? less than £200 (preferably much less!) and I'd prefer an upright bagless jobbie, but happy to listen to any suggestions..


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I must ask OH
My Henry is great. Have 2 long-haired dogs, 1 long-haired cat and 2 short-haired cats. You just put the brushes out, gets all the hair out. Although it does come with bags- i never use them, they're not necessary. We also use one at the stables, for shavings, straw, hay etc. Nothing phases it.
pixie373, you use one in the stables for shavings, straw, hay etc.?!!

I use a pitch fork and wheel barrow in my stables!

I clearly must move up in the world!

I've seen the Miele cat and dog on Amazon for well under 200...
Do they vary much between models?
I absolutely hate cylinder vacs - they do your back in, are really hard work to scrape around and don't have nearly a much suction as an upright.
Absolutely disagree with that Diddly.
The Dyson Ball cleaner could put you in A&E :-)
Sebo. Recommended to us by john lewis, can't fault it. It has a bag but never seems to need emptying. We have a cat with resulting hair & fluffy bits (!) and it does the job beautifully.
sara3, not had to do anything to mine, had it 3 ish years now.
Maybe you got a "Friday model" ?
I am sad to say, I passed my Miele on to my son.
I also have the Kirby G7, but that does not meet your price criteria.

This one has power and is great for pet hairs and under £200.
hi sara, i have recently got unreasonably excited about my dyson, for which i bought a "tangle free turbine head". We have 3 dogs and a cat. It's great (the head that it)
Lol, ratter. I meant more tack room, rest room , feed barns, caravan. But now you mention it...hmmm...
If you want another Dyson or (' die soon ' as they are better known) just go to your local 'tip' they will have a skip full of them.
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blimey, thanks all!

phleb, I've had many a bad experience with the (currently not working again) Vax, and don't want a cylinder model, but thanks.

Jayne, my bestie friend has a Sebo.. it's on my "think about it" list :o)

bednobs, what model do you have?
In my time I've had many vacs. I had a Miele cylinder which was good at its job but it was a cylinder type and I always ended up with backache.
I currently have a bog standard Dyson (my third) and my only complaint about them is that the hose at the back always splits after time. I also have a Henry someone gave me and I am not overly impressed, plus it is a cylinder
I'm currently on my 2nd Dyson in the past 20 odd years and they've had to deal with kids and hairy, messy animals and I think they've done it pretty well. Perhaps the brush isn't working properly or it's not correctly set for the flooring.
Henry IMHO
sara, if you are not familiar with the turbo brush head are you using an upright? I never use them as I think cylinders are more versatile. If yes you could try one. There are offers on the net for under £250.
Murphy Richards upright, bagless, £98.. brilliant! I have Mr M and son plus Coco, the dirtiest dog ever!
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can maybe just 2 of you agree?!!!

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