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Recommend A Vacuum Cleaner, Please!

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sara3 | 18:17 Mon 18th Nov 2013 | Home & Garden
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all my appliances last and last, except vacuum cleaners!

I bought a Dyson Animal two weeks ago and it's rubbish. it picks up everything except the bloody cat hair! I'm going to take it back.

any recommendations? less than £200 (preferably much less!) and I'd prefer an upright bagless jobbie, but happy to listen to any suggestions..


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snags, I must be doing something wrong.. the Dyson extends to your reach so it's probably me!

thanks all, I'm blinded with science now!! I'm tempted by the Miele but it's very pricey..
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Rocky.. isn't everyone? ;o)
I couldnt have an upright after using our Henry! fantastic.
It has a bag in it. If it cost double, would have to buy another.
sara...and so are their bags...very expensive!

All the Mieles must have been on offer when I bought mine, and I'm not sure I would have spent that much, what I did spend made me cry.
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oh, I can't be doing with expensive bags too!
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also, an upright fits better in the cupboard.

(moan moan moan... )
Vax do an upright bagless especially for pet hair.
Under £100. Vax Power Pet 1. 1600 watts, 140 air watts (whatever that means)
Strange isn't it. We have a Dyson animal and it's great. I wouldn't have a Henry given.
We bought a Vorwerk vacuum cleaner , which is still going after some 20+ years now
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ferlew, I have a Vax Pet.. something. the belt has been replaced about 6 times over about 18 months, and you have to replace the brushbar at the same time. it's really annoying and not very cost effective.. but it's good when it works!

Zacs.. I'm so disappointed. the cat has a long coat and it seems to stick to the carpet. I've gone over it and over it and over it (the carpet, not the cat!).. in the end I've been picking it up with my fingers.
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never heard of them, Bazile!
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I've had 2 bog standard Dysons in the past. they were fab while they lasted!
After 3 Dysons, I know, I should have known better, I bought a Meile cat and dog, the best vacuum cleaner I've ever used.
sara3 - these people
Sorry Sara but I disagree. I have a DC39 Animal and absolutely love it . It has its drawbacks, mainly it is a bit clumsy. The pipe is built like a rocket launcher and feels as heavy. The dust receptacle is small and a pain to empty. I use a slim knife to get all the dust out. The crevace tool is too short and does not need a sliding brush but their designers have to come up with useless innovations to earn their wages. Having said all that - it really really sucks!! My previous cleaners have been Vax and Dyson(2) and Ive never had a cleaner that sucks as well. Do you use the turbo head? I always leave it fitted for all flat surfaces hard or soft. It makes a big big difference over the normal head. Its what gives it the 'animal' tag. They are working on a new model that has zero loss of suction and cant wait for it to be released. If you are not happy it may be a fault or perhaps the filter needs cleaning (unlike after just two weeks).
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BlueToffee, stop that.. I can't afford one :'(

thanks Bazile, that's new to me!

johnny, I think you're right on all counts! it really sucks, lol.. but not the bloody cat hair! I find it heavy and clumsy. no idea about the turbo head. it has an extra smaller head with it. I just wanted to be as happy with it as my previous Dysons.. but I'm just not :o/
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it's a DC19 T2, btw
Defo Meile Cat and Dog, sara - I binned the Dyson, it was useless for pet hair. I had a deal when I bought ours where you got a year's supply of bags through the post (a box a quarter), not sure if that's still going. I love my Meile.

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