Should I Give Up On My Flowers

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tandh | 01:20 Mon 31st Oct 2016 | Gardening
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I planted a mixture of cuttings of flowers and scrubs from my mums garden over a week ago and i've watered them everyday since. They have deteriorated by about 30 percent since then. Do you think i should give up on them, or should i keep watering them in the hope they will get better?


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Leave off the water for a day or two, you may be drowning them. Check on them in a couple of days.
Try some plant food. Failing that, ask your mum. Mum's know best you know ;-)
Wrong time of year for planting cuttings. Plants are going into the 'dormant' phase now. Remember it is November tomorrow, that is officially winter.
should have potted them in a greenhouse to over winter and plant out next year..unlikely to take now I am afraid
My wife always puts a polythene bag over the plant pots with a rubber band round to make a mini greenhouse. With the pot on a saucer there is then no need to water as water from transpiration condenses on the inside of the bag and runs down into the pot. She's currently got 2 lots of cuttings on window sills in the house and always has success.
a good alternative if no greenhouse ^^
All my cuttings etc are on the window cill in the kitchen at least until March. I don't plant out untill spring....that includes some seeds. If I were you I would grab some of each, pot them up and bring them indoors ....
It depends a lot on what the flowers and shrubs are, different plants require different methods.
If you can identify what the plants are, you can then check on how to propagate them with information found on gardening sites on the internet. The RHS are usually very good.
If the plants are perennials, for instance, it can sometimes be easy to remove a portion from the root-ball, pot it up and grow it on, which can be a quick and easy way to increase your stock.
I meant to add - No don't give up!

I meant to add - NO don't give up!

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lol i knew id get told off for planting them too late. It's because i want to sell my house in january, and i wanted some nice flowers in the little flower bed outside the front on my house. Some really good ideas here, i'll defo do the plastic bag thing, that makes a lot of sense, and i will ask my mum what each plant is so i can identify them on the rhs website.
lol @ cupid, my mum said to stop watering them, but as i know she's very furgal i thought i would get some more advice
What flowers are you expecting in January Tandh? I don't think you will get many at that time of year, and all plants need a long time to settle down once planted. Bulbs - snowdrops and crocus might flower, but it is very early. Perhaps go to the garden centre in December and see flowering plants available?
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Oh i dont know helly welly, i just want it to look nice but i'm so rubish at gardening and i haven't got a clue about it. My mum has been too busy to identify them and they are all dying even after having so much rain. Think i'm just gonna have to say bye to them :-(

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Should I Give Up On My Flowers

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