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Finally; Recognition.

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stuey | 13:41 Sat 12th Mar 2016 | History
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It certainly took a long time. She was only 17 when she joined.


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About time, my parents were both at Bletchley Park. Because they were not allowed to talk about it, they were forgotten. Glad to see this lady got her well deserved recognition.
My ma did similar work in the Admiralty. She would never tell us anything. (except Mountbatten used to take the girls out for tea)
Mum used to make cups of tea for Alan Touring, but she said little else.
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I guess that most of us have heard of Bletchley Park, but I'd never heard of Hanslope Park prior to this article.
Hanslope Park is only about 11 miles from Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park is a short distance from where I live in Milton Keynes.
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Question Author
“They weren’t mentioned in dispatches...". Shouldn't that be "despatches"? I always wonder why the term "Nazi" is used nowadays instead of "German". Some form of PC, I suppose.
Marv - you should write down what your parents said about Bletchley. And keep it - the IWM may be interested in a copy.

so your marm would fill the tin cup that Turing kept padlocked to a radiator ...

None of the codebreakers wer treated very well after the war
It was so secret you see
and the administrators made sure THEY got enhanced pensions and medals
I think alot show post traumatic stress disorder as they all went to different partof the earth

also Winterbotham who threatened to come around and shoot any gel who let out the Big Secret was the one who let out the cat out of the bag ( short of money I think )

so all in all they did great things and got no reward at all ....

so lets hear it for Marv's parents and Thea
Churchill used Nazi - but didnt say nartsi
but nar-zee

and yes there is an element of re writing history
as the Germans who were bad then became good
and the Russians were good and then after the Nazi Red pact 1939 were bad and then after the german invasion 1941 were good and then after 1945 were bad ( then after the USSR split were good and now are bad again )

Nonetheless it was a remarkable intellectual feat they achieved

O by the way readers - didja know the British broke Japanese codes ?
The Emperor's Codes: Bletchley Park's role in breaking Japan's secret cyphers by Michael Smith

is worth a read
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Finally; Recognition.

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