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Tilly2 | 20:05 Mon 03rd Jun 2019 | Recipes
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I have a relative visiting soon, for a week, and she doesn't like spicy/garlicky/creamy/ 'foreign' food.

Any ideas for nice dishes which are a a bit less mundane that egg, chips and peas? I do like to make an effort when we have visitors and cannot go for a week living on Shepherd's pie, fish and chips and roast beef.

I would like to do something a bit special but there are restrictions. All ideas would be most welcome. Thank you.


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Warm chicken salad with asparagus and new potatoes, followed by Eton Mess. Not special, but seasonal and familiar.

I make a nice danish meatballs recipe that maybe ok. Pork meatballs made with onion, a little paprika and thyme . Then a tomato sauce made with butter ,flour chicken stock,chopped toms ,bayleaf , just 1 garlic clove and Tom purée. . Garnish with Greek yoghurt or soured cream and more fresh thyme .
Slow cooked pork chops can be very yummy with a bit of veg.
Sausage and mash.
Meat salad & new potatoes?
My dad used to refuse to eat "that foreign muck" and said that was happy eating British food such as Pizza and Curry.
BBC Good Food is a good source of ideas...
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Thanks for those ideas so far. I'm not sure she would eat asparagus, Maydup but I would! That sounds lovely.

Jennarry, she would detect the one clove of garlic but it's an idea for us when she's gone home. She watches me preparing the food... :-)

Patsy, she would love those.

Wolf, I didn't like to say 'foreign muck' but you obviously know what I'm dealing with. However, Curry and pizza are definitely off the menu.

Thanks for that link, Pasta. I'll have a good look, later.
oven baked salmon (or any fish really) with new potatoes. Stuffed tomatoes, an omelette, meatloaf, a chicken breast hammered out then egg and breadcrumbed (no need to call it a vienna schnitzel)
Toad in the hole with mash, peas and onion gravy. Make ur own hole with a square tin, whack some mixture in it, then whack the toads in there. Cook up, the juices will flow to the Yorkie pud. Ahhhhh delicious.
To be honest.. she sounds like a faff. What about something like chicken basque? Not too exotic but not bland by any means.
A joint of boiled ham, new spuds, minted peas and lashings of parsley sauce :+)
Corn Beef hash with veg and gravy is a favourite, also try a Lyonaisse Salad, with a salad, croutons, bacon bits and a poached egg, yummy! Or try a cheese omelette with salad, or a breast of chicken that has been gently flattened and seasoned, fried or grilled served with salad or mash, peas and gravy. Grilled salmon with baby veg, or try a casserole in a slow cooker, chicken or pork, finely chopped veg, gravy etc, really tasty.
Fish pie.
Lasagne. Ok it is ‘foreign’, but not spicy or weird.
Roast chicken.
Fish pie with grated cauliflower on top instead of potatoes.
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I think I have enough ideas now. Thank you all for bothering to give me some ideas.

She is a pain to cook for but I can forgive her because she is such a lovely person and I really enjoy her company. Thanks again. :-)
I have a friend like that Tilly, I'm very fond of her, but its even difficult to treat her to a meal out. I once went somewhere with her that I thought was safe and she couldnt find anything on the menu she would eat and asked them if they'd do her a cheese sandwich!

Never again will I go anywhere other than her choice!

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