Ideas For Cold Fish Dish For Summer.

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catsrcool | 12:20 Thu 23rd May 2019 | Recipes
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My wife has just come back with 2 packs of these:
And I am looking for suggestions please for recipes/ideas to make something cold to eat with a salad.
The only thing I think of at the moment is Quiche.


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A spanish Tortilla with small diced potato ,onion added with the cooked fish mix. Eat chilled
Recipe couscous - salad
250g couscous ( instant is available in supermarkets or oriental stores)
1/4 cucumber.
1 tomato.
1/2 red pepper.
1 small onion or 2 sticks of spring onions.
a lemon.
3 tablespoons of olive oil.
Salt and pepper.
Well if you cooked the salmon in those two packs that would go lovely with some salad for the summer.
I always like to do a roast chicken and eat that cold with salad and kebabs are always good.
Saute the fish mix as described in this recipe with the shrimp
Curried fish mayonnaise - fry an onion stir in some curry powder and some chopped apple if you like. Let it cool and then fold I the cooked mix. You could microwave or steam or gently simmer the fish. People seem to like it.
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Thank you all.

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Ideas For Cold Fish Dish For Summer.

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