1970's Curry Recipes ?

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cleoval | 23:49 Sun 09th Jun 2019 | Recipes
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Hi I was wondering if anybody had tried and true recipes for the curries that were in the 70's using apple and sultanas. Etc i had a few in my school cookery book at one time but lost it years ago.Any recipes much appreciated.


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I tend to make it up as I go, like fruit in curry though.

A a white English man I think my wife and I eat more curry than Trad British fare. We possess about forty curry recipe books. By far our favourite is contained in this book which was first published in 1973 User Recommendation

The curry in question is just called curried mince lamb
Ingredients as follows: 2lb leg or shoulder of lamb (we use 1 and1/2 kilo of frozen minced lamb
1-2 tbsp veg oil
1 onion finely chopped
1 garlic clove chopped
1 desert apple
3 tbsps Curry powder (we use Madras)
2 teaspoons curry paste ( we use Pataks vindaloo)
1 tbsp chutney
2 tbsps of sultanas

salt and pepper
2 tsps cornflour
2 tbsps of water

Heat oil in pan. Fry the mince,finely chopped onion and garlic
Peel and chop the apple and add to mince with the curry powder,curry paste,chutney,sultanas and seasoning.
Stir well,then cover the pan and simmer gently for about 30 minutes.
Blend the cornflour with the water and gradually pour into the curry stirring all the time, until the curry is slightly thickened.
Serve in a dish with a border of rice and garnished with slices of cooked tomatoes (optional)
I think we favour this curry of all we cook because of the contrast of the sweet lamb flavour with sultanas and the curry flavour.
I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we do.
Is it spicy retro? If you had to give a spice rating out of ten - where would it stand?
^is it spicy? Well, it must be spicey - it's got spices in it. Do you want to know how "hot" it is?
Not that 'hot spicy' surprisingly enough considering 3 tbsps of curry powder and 2 tsps of curry paste. We are are not talking Scoville ratings here as there is no chilli in the ingredients.
I can happily eat a Phal my wife can't eat anything above a Jalfrezi or Madras. She loves this curry so I suppose not very hot. I would rate 6 out of 10 for heat but you could always half the spice ingredients if the original amount seems daunting.
Thanks retro. It was more the vindaloo paste that made me query as i know a vindaloo can be hot.
Ah. No problem. Pataks do a Madras or Rogan Gosh paste . The latter being the milder of the two.
It won't spoil the ultimate flavour whichever paste you choose.
I love the depth of flavour in a curry, and often find too much spice can take away that depth, so if i was to imitate i would use a milder paste but i think a madras powder would be nice, a little touch of spice is good.
'Suck it and See ' as they say. No harm in tweaking your recipe to your own taste.The idea is nourishment not punishment. :-)
Vesta. Now there’s an authentic (English) curry. Raisins, apples, maybe a little meat, and plenty of Empire Brand curry powder.

Still, I suppose it started to educate us for the real deal to come.
There is another recipe in the book I suggested .'Australian curried Rabbit' That just has 1 grated cooking apple in it though. I suppose you could add sultanas. Why not?
I remember once i got a budget (happy shopper)curry sauce pot noodle and it had currents in it. I was shocked, and slightly put off. I never knew it was common for Brits to put currents in curry sauce products. If i did, i wouldn't have been put off.

I like curry, i'm not fussed about any meats in it, just the sauce and rice! Mhmmmm Love it.

I'd prefer lamb or beef over chicken but to me the sauce and rice is the best bit. I usually eat the meats first so i can have a saucy rice plate to mop up and finish.
//Still, I suppose it started to educate us for the real deal to come.//

Glad that is no longer on the shelves. Only worthwhile in a Rat Pack.
My introduction to my first real deal curry was aged six in BHS restaurant Swansea . My parents asked me if I really wanted to order it ,but not to be outdone by my older sister, I said yes.
I seriously struggled but in those days you had to finish what you ordered and I was warned.The sweat was pouring off me and some old Gentleman on an adjoining table saw my suffering. He got up and purchased a cola for me. Bless him. It just made the heat worse. :-)
Mmmmm, just reminded me of the fruit curry my Mum used to make, when I was a young girl. I remember she used beef, Apple, raisins or sultanas and banana! It was to die for...
I might try your recipe, retro. Sounds yummy!
Even if the OP hadn't stipulated fruit and sultanas in the recipe I would still nominate this curry as my all time greatest. As I mentioned earlier I have about forty books on curry recipes and have cooked most of them.
My latest discovery is a Bengal concoction using Shell on super king prawns. Almost the Langoustine size. Called King Prawn Chingri . It comes a close second.
Enjoy the curry if you try it and let me know please.,
I will do, retro. Thanks.
Hate to tell you this but Vesta Beef Curry is still on the shelves along with Vesta Chow Mein and Paella! God knows who buys them!

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