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Giving Up Sugar.

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andy-hughes | 14:23 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Food & Drink
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Three weeks now, I hate every hot drink I have. How long before I get used to it, as everyone says I will?



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I never did get used to it and use sweeteners nowadays. Life's too short to be miserable every time you eat or drink.

I never got used to it. Stockwell & Co sweeteners from Tesco cost about £1 for 850 and taste OK

Cut it out slowly.  A little less sugar each day over about two weeks - and that'll be it.  That's how I did it and there's no way I could drink tea or coffee with sugar in it now.  

I use hermesetas - don't like unsweetened drinks however much folks say you get used to it.

You will, unless you were addicted to sugar.

When I started eating low carb a number of years ago, I ditched the 5-6 cups of sweet tea a day and switched to coffee with double cream. It has a natural sweetness. I never looked back.

I've never drunk tea...only coffee and hot chocolate. I used to take 2 spoons sugar in coffee and reduced it slowly to none...this was decades ago. Now, the very thought of sugar in coffee makes me cringe...although hot chocolate (quite sweet) still goes down a treat!

Sweeteners for me too. Coffee especially is nasty without sweetening.

I'd recommend cream to anyone who finds coffee too bitter. I was surprised at how much I liked it when I first tried it. And I hate bitter.

I've used sweeteners for as long as I can recall.  I buy Sweetex for preference.

Cold turkey for me - out on the N-Sea platforms with tea brewing in huge kettles for hours in the service area, no milk or sugar provided...strong enough to stand the spoon in it and today I can't abide milk or sugar in my coffee or tea and it being weak and watery like gnat's ***....

Same here L-iK, Sweetex

It took me three weeks on night duty.I vowed to stop sugar on my first night and the last night I found I didn't miss it. Always had two tsps in tea up until then. I haven't looked back.

I went cold turkey and it took a couple of months. I couldn't believe how much I was using til I didn't need to buy bags of sugar regularly. 

I can now take or leave sugar in a coffee, sometimes I just fancy a sweet cup, but tea, no thanks, I wouldn't touch it with sugar.

I agree with Naomi, don't cut it our completely, gradually use less every day, it would be much easier.  I have no sugar in (strong) tea any more and have cut down to half a teaspoon in hot-milky coffee.

I find that stevia-based sweeteners don't have the nasty aftertaste that many other types do.  I buy mine from Morrisons (99p for 100). They're currently showing as 'out of stock' on their website but my local store still had them the other day:

I used to add sugar to tea/coffee but stopped for no particular reason. Now, if given a sugared cuppa when out, I find the taste so sickly.




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Thanks all.

I am heartened by your answers, I will press on.

I don't add sugar to anything.  Think I used to add a spoonful to a cuppa many moons ago.

I gave up sugar decades ago, although I'd been brought up with a very sweet tea in the baby bottle and had three sugars in the many cups I drank every day.

I didn't enjoy my tea or coffee for at least three weeks but persevered.  Now, if I accidentally have a cup of sweet tea it tastes like hot syrup water.  Stick at it.  

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