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Symbols On Vegan Food

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NoseyNose | 15:33 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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I am posting this question for a friend,aren't I nice?

He wants to become Vegan,but is finding the symbols for Vegan food on products quite confusing!

I have trawled the net,but there doesn't seem to be a standard symbol for Vegan food products.

The Vegan Society has a pathetic daisy as it's Vegan symbol,but I don't know if this appears on food though.

Can anyone Vegan, or not, give my friend any suggestions?

Thank You~Gordon.



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Scroll to the bottom to see the UK Vegan symbol printed on food and drink labels and packaging

Please tell him to be careful, as a fair amount of vegan food...ready meals or meat replacements...are high in sugar. I hope he's done his research. It's not just a matter of eating plants. Both vegetarians and vegans need to be careful in order to get the right balance of nutrients. 

People say vegans and vegetarians are pale and underweight.  Baked beans, chips, most crisps and nuts are all vegan.  All full of fat or sugar.

It is very hard to eat a well-balanced vegan diet but it can be done.

This is a good place to get proper information

Unfortunately there is a trend amongst some young women to use a vegan diet to lose weight.

I've also seen extreme vegans say the diet is not about health...It's about ethics. 🙄

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Many Thanks for your answers so far.I will warn him of the negative things with regard to a Vegan diet.

My daughter has been vegan for 20 years or more and she and her family are very healthy and active.  Although she still eats a fully vegan diet she can no longer claim to be vegan as recently she decided that man-made fibres are not for her as far as is reasonably possible and has found hobby sheep farmers who raise sheep just for wool which she believes is far more sustainable and ethical than microfibre and the like.

Barry...I've seen extreme vegans claim that raising sheep for wool is wrong as we(humans)are profiting from them. Aaaggghhh!

Yes, my daughter struggled with it. She visited the farm and spent time with the owner, they have struck up quite a friendship.  

A couple of winters ago she remarked on the Aran jumper I was wearing and said it must be 30 years old.  It is - and that is what got her thinking about using wool herself.

Not all vegans are intolerant extremists, thankfully.

Q. How do you spot a Vegan

A. They will have told you

😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   😀   


Same old, same old.  None of her colleagues know she is vegan. 

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Symbols On Vegan Food

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