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When Is Ok To Consume Cafinated Drinks?

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drobi619 | 09:30 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Every day, I have a coffee with breakfast, and then later in the day, I always have an energy drink like a monster. The thing is that I always find that my sleep is not doing so great, so I am wondering how late in the day is the cut-off for any caffeine. 



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Everyone is different - I can drink a double espresso just before bed and sleep no problem

some folks don't take any caffeine at all - it's unnecessary.

Cut out the 'energy' drinks.

How's your weight?  13 teaspoons of sugar in one can of Monster.

40 teaspoons of coffee.  

More calories than a poached egg and two slices of toast.

Why would anyone drink that?


I always drink tap water or herbal teas. Occasional hot chocolate.

Caffeine is just another addiction.

As Barry says, loads of sugar in these energy drinks.

I have never known a caffeinated drink stop me sleeping at night. It does (eventually) make me more alert if feeling tired during the day.


My suggestion is to have a coffee any time you feel like one, and to note how you, personally, react to it.

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I always have a sweetener or zero sugar monster so not a lot of sugar consumed 

how is zero sugar monster an "energy" drink?

Quote (from the NHS website):
"The effects of caffeine on the body can last up to 7 hours, so you may want to avoid it in the evening if you are having trouble sleeping"


OG sounds right: try it at different times and make a note of how your body responds. How my body responds is no help to you.

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When Is Ok To Consume Cafinated Drinks?

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