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What Food Do You Put On A Wrap?

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bluefortress | 14:26 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
24 Answers

Has anyone any simple ideas for what to put on a wrap. 

Both chicken and vegetarian options?

I am not very open minded when it comes to food all I can think of is peppers, chicken and mayo



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Prawns avocado seafood sauce and salad 

chicken satay, peanut butter, mayo sweet chilli sauce and salad

beef, salad and horseradish 

cold fajitas 

Chicken, avocado, lime juice 

Tuna, shredded lettuce thin sliced cucumber, lemon and black pepper mayo

Grated carrot, crunchy peanutbutter,thin slices of sweet apple

Griddled halloumi, and salad

Mushroom omelette with peppers

Cheese omelette with red onion and de seeded tomato

Quorn fillets, sweet chilli sauce, and shredded red cabbage


....lets check with Regan and Carter


Ttt, lol

Shudnt this be in jokes?

vegetarian options

Greek salad in a wrap is my favourite. Feta, green pepper, tomatoe, cos lettuce and olives. Add mayo if you wish.

Houmous and carrot with salad

Halloumi and roasted peppers

Cheese and coleslaw


Ham and cheese

Pickled beetroot, tomato and mayonnaise.

Some great suggestions, however I'd eat the filling and bin the wrap, I've never had a wrap that wasn't like eating a dishcloth..tough, chewy and tasteless.

Vagus, I'm not a great fan of wraps. However, many of the suggested fillings would go great with a baked potato.

Ooh yes, indeed they would Maggie. Or even in a conventional sandwich.

I prefer a wrap to a sandwich. A lot less about the bread - a lighter option. 

I'm not sure it is a lighter option, it's more about which you like best..bread or a wrap.

I put Spinach, seeds and salad cream together in a wrap.


I'm another one who doesn't like wraps.  I'd just rather have a good olds andwich with some nice bread .  Or just the ingredients on a jacket potato.  

Can't recall when I last saw so many unpalatable suggestions :-(

But of course, the criteria didn't help.

I suppose if the choice is chicken or veg then there's roast chicken, butter chicken, pulled chicken, braised chicken, fried chicken, poached chicken, sous vide chicken, grilled chicken: plus, if you must, add some well cooked succulent veg of choice to any of them.

Question Author

Thanks all

Will def try some of those

I'm curious O_G...which are unpalatable. For me...just the halloumi cheese. I've tried hard to like it, but I'm always disappointed. 

Brie bacon and cranberry sauce is yummy 

Pasta   I asked Mr L to buy me some plain houmous  and he came back with Haloumi cheese!  It got thrown away - horrible stuff!


The BBC Good Food website is always a useful source of ideas, with star ratings (and, in many cases, reviews too) from people who've actually tried the recipes:

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What Food Do You Put On A Wrap?

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