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Identification cards for party food

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punkrock101 | 10:24 Thu 21st Jun 2012 | Food & Drink
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Hi, I will be having a party for my 21st birthday at the start of September, and I had an idea for identifying party food - to put up small place-card like things in front of their respective serving dish etc saying what it is and also - this is primarily what I'll be asking about - small round stickers next to the food name bearing various symbols for different dietary needs (eg. crossed-out wheatsheaf for Coeliacs/wheat and gluten intolerants, and Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society symbols for vegetarians and vegans respectively). I am aware you can get sheets of sticky labels for printers, but does anyone know if you can get sheets of sticky labels that are circular, preferably about 2-2.5 cm diameter for printers? If so this would be great as I don't have the money to order them from a printer. Any responses would be gratefully received.


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Have you tried Staples? I used to get all sorts of stickers from there for school.
You might find these websites useful:

If you enter 'circular labels for printing' into your search engine, you'll get more information.
I'd actually avoid doing that at all.

If the food isn't labelled then it's up to the guests to decide whether to eat it or not. Those with speical dietry requirements will have an idea of what to avoid. If you label something and it's incorrect you open yourself up to trouble. For example, if you say something has no nuts in it and either it actually does or something with nuts get put there in error, if it's then eaten by someone with a nut allergy you could find yourself in bother.

I know that sounds a bit extreme but I reckon your best just to leave people to make their own minds up.
Couldn't you settle for age-related cards, i.e same as pub doormen check going in.. such as

- don't want underage food FB'ing your party :0)
unless the placecard is actually fastened to the plate (and even then the food could get moved around eg as dishes become half empty) it would be too easy IMO for the cards to get moved around and this would be more dangerous than not labelling food in the first place :-(
What would these same people do at a reception with a buffet where the food isn't labelled?
This seems like an awfully serious approach to a 21st birthday. As others have said-let the guests decide. They are all adults(I assume),and can ask questions about any items,and then make their own decisions.
AS a wheat intolerant person I think it is very thoughtful of you to label stuff. Unfortunately, if someone is coeliac for example, just being in the same room with allergens can be lethal. I would stick to labelling veggie stuff.
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@Anngel123, I always understood that Coeliac Disease was more severe than wheat/gluten intolerance, but I never understood anaphylactic shock from eating wheat was an outcome for Coeliacs. Where did you learn it from? I got about Coeliac Disease during GCSE Child Development or GCSE Food & Nutrition but the teacher never said anything about Coeliacs getting anaphylactic shock from eating wheat/gluten...
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Got taught about*
I did a cream tea the other day for our club.As not everybody likes cream and jam scones I also made some cheese and chive ones and clearly labelled them.Guess what happened. (waste of time labelling things)

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Identification cards for party food

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