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Is There A Night Time Drink

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JinnyJoan | 12:27 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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That is not sweetened.



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Do you like hot milk jj  ? Add honey if you want a bit of "natural " sweetness.

Some herb and fruit teas are nice.



I agree about fruit teas...though they take getting used to if you are used to sweeter tastes.

If you don't want sugar, don't add honey. It's seen as healthy but is no different than white sugar in how it affects your body.

I don't have the product in front of me to check, but I do not find cocoa that sweet. You have to sweeten it yourself, to taste.

Warm up some unsweetened oat milk or coconut milk. Both are quite comforting with no additional sugar.


Or herbal teas

Herb teas,  anything containing passiflora, verbena, chamomile are gode caffeinated tea with lemon  or milk

Isn't the obvious one hot chocolate made with hot milk and cocoa powder or (even better) flaked chocolate - ones made specially for drinking. No sugar required.

Warm milk.

Doesn't flaked chocolate have sugar in it?

Yes, pasta, you're it does. The dark chocolate version that we have doesn't seem sweet to me. Oh well...just the cocoa powder then!


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thanks all for your replies


5 teaspoons of sugar in a pint of Guinness


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Is There A Night Time Drink

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