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NoseyNose | 00:12 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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The older I get(I am 77 in March LOL),the more little things seem to annoy me!

My gripe today is Barcodes.

I appreciate that all food packets etc are different shapes.But  why, are the Barcodes always in different places on food items.

I use a "handheld scanner" in Tesco's,and I often have to turn a packet,box or other wrapping round a couple of times to find the (hiding) Barcode,and often the plastic wrapping has to be pulled straight to even get at the Barcode.

When I mentioned this to several Tesco staff,they were in complete agreement with me.Especially the staff members who pick the OnLine orders.

Any thoughts,it's just a small gripe,but an annoying one!

Thank You~Gordon.



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So what would you do ?

what you have to pick up an item and put it in the basket.

This rates as a war crime against olds doesnt it? - "Tesco tries to genocide its most loyal customers" - offical

News being made in front of us

put them on top of the item where the product name is, Canary? Scrabbling round to pull them tight on a bottom corner is hardly labour-saving. No doubt checkout staff have learnt where they're hiding - but as the whole point is to get rid of checkout staff...

The barcode on broccoli appears on th top - but it's often extremely difficult to get it to register

Don't get me wrong, I'm quite in agreement with Nosey's rant.

Why the sarcasm? This is not against oldies. Everyone everywhere seems expected to use self-service tills and barcodes ARE often hard to find and need various rotations and flips to find it - and yes lots of things need the buyer to fiddle with the wrapping to make it scan. Nosey said it's a small gripe but it's a valid one. It's called 'progress'...

Was watching a program on either Llidl of Aldi and they say they put the bar codes on every side of their products as it makes the scanning quicker for the staff.

Since you don't have a car why not order online?  I only pay £4o per annum for unlimited deliveries from Sainsbury's on Tuesday to thursday. 

The codes in my library books are read blind (i.e. inside closed book) by the output self-service machine - surely this sort of technology could be used in supermarket check-outs.

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I have a friend who takes me shopping.I have ordered online in the past,but I like to get out of the house,at least once a week!


Most of the Tesco Own Brand Items have their Barcodes in the same(or a convenient) place.

It's other brand manufacturers that we have to convince.

I now shop in a wheelchair,pushed by my weekly friend.This make fumbling to find the elusive Barcode doubly difficult.

Never mind,I like findinding things to moan about!LOL

Gordon //Never mind, I like finding things to moan about!//

It's an age thing! God help us when you reach 77!

What date in March Gordon? If we know, we usually wish folks a happy birthday on the day.

Question Author

That is a very kind thought Barsel.

It's March 28th.


Will write it on my calendar.

Stop using self scan, use the manned tills and then you can chat to the very nice till operator.  

Question Author


I am sorry,but once you have used the handheld scanner,you will never go back to the old till method.

I have used it, Gordon

nor will you be likely to find till operators, chatty or otherwise. There seem to be about five, max, in all my local supsermarkets and their lanes are used solely by shoppers whose trolleys are piled so high the operators can't even see them.

I agree.

Either it scans 1st go, or if the system is running slow you end up with multiple scans and then you have to remove the extras!

My local Tesco went through a phase of checking the bags and receipts after self-scanning, must have been losing a lot of stock.

That's when I stopped using it.  I do not want to be accused of shoplifting because of a mistake on my part or theirs.

I'm like barry and use the manned tills most of the time in our local Tesco.  Often get to chat and I think I am keeping them in work.  I do use self checkout for a couple of bits but not for main shop.  It's worse when you are at the self checkout and you find there is no barcode on the items or items.  At least at the manned ones they call someone or find it themselves.  As for shop lifting I once got to checkout and the barcode was on the item but the checkout operator couldn't get the system to find it.  She just told us to take the item in the end as according to them they didn't sell what I had picked up so security wouldn't do anything.  Bargin.

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