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NoseyNose | 00:12 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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The older I get(I am 77 in March LOL),the more little things seem to annoy me!

My gripe today is Barcodes.

I appreciate that all food packets etc are different shapes.But  why, are the Barcodes always in different places on food items.

I use a "handheld scanner" in Tesco's,and I often have to turn a packet,box or other wrapping round a couple of times to find the (hiding) Barcode,and often the plastic wrapping has to be pulled straight to even get at the Barcode.

When I mentioned this to several Tesco staff,they were in complete agreement with me.Especially the staff members who pick the OnLine orders.

Any thoughts,it's just a small gripe,but an annoying one!

Thank You~Gordon.



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That's happened to me a few times, shedman - I wouldn't try it if the item didn't scan when I use self-scan though.  It's a pain in the posterior if you use self-scan and you have bought alcohol, scissors, razor blades, paracetamol and a myriad of other everyday items.

We had an interesting one at Tesco the other week. We usually use self-scan and are pretty careful to make sure we scan everything. We only had about a dozen or so articles including 2 bottles of wine, so we expected them to check we were old enough. The man came, pointed his scanner at one of the wine bottles and said "You didn't scan it". That begs the question of why we were checked for buying wine when we (apparently) hadn't bought any. What had happened is that we'd picked up 2 bottles, scanned one twice and put them both in the trolley. Unfortunately the 2 bottles weren't the same (they were intended to be) and the checker had chosen the bottle we hadn't scanned for the check (25p different). There was never any hassle about it and it was all sorted with the advice to scan every item individually ie, not assume 2 identical items were identical.

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Last Christmas(23rd Dec actually) my friend(the wheelchair pusher) and I did a shop with the handheld scanner.

We were through the dedicated section for scanners,in about 4 minutes.

The folks going through the tills stretched all the way up the aisles.I asked a staff member how long the people in there would wait to get to the till.She said "At the moment it could be 15 minutes",and this was with many tills working.

Much like the Post Office USED to be, you just take a guess at which till queue will move fastest!

So for me there is no contest,4 minutes~ beats 15 minutes hand down.

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In the 15 years I have been shopping,and using a handheld scanner,I have only had TWO re~scans(where they check your shopping against the scanner)and now they only check 6 items,and if that is OK, away you go.

I think many people who won't/can't use it are technophobes.If I can master it at 76,then anyone can.

And you're not even old yet NN. 80 is number to reach, then you're old.

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In my head I am still 21,but my body refuses to believe it! LOL

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