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Evening Meal Tomorrow

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Vagus | 20:42 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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Can't of some description or local butchers home made sausages in a baguette and a bottle of fizz. Hmmm....some guidance necessary please 😉😋



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The fish will be better for you.

I look on here for inspiration sometimes, but the Sausages sound the ticket for me. Funny I just put in my Tesco order today... and yes helpful folk on I remembered to add some Haggis.


Fish. Sausages are for breakfast IMO (0r brunch, at a push)

A nice piece of plaice cooked in milk and butter.

Sea bream (or sea bass) for me!

[Sausages are boring, boring, boring!]

Ha--- sausages are awesome, fish that's duller than a kipper on speed. Salmon... yawn-a-thon... or what!

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Fish is boring boring boring though, I'm always..well,  not always..disappointed when I have fish. Maybe it's sausages then, talk me out of it 🙂🙂🙂😋😋😋

If it's covered in batter and best mates with some chips... then yep.

I love fish.

I love sausages....never boring, so many different flavours available. 

I was going to have fish tonight...but decided to make a chaffle* toastie. Filled with Italian ham and cambozola cheese. 

*...a waffle made with just egg and seasoning

How do you make that waffle, Pasta?

Mmmm, I haven't had fish and chips for months - maybe time to give it a go (except the chippy's usually packed on Saturday evenings).

Deffo Fish for me. Preferably oily like mackerel and sea bass fillets are great. Not so keen on breaded fish though.

The wife is making a sausage casserole with cider sauce for Sunday dinner but won't let me include a few spicy sausages like Suzac or Cypriot Pastrami because we have our Grand daughters with us. He ho. Boring British Bangers it is then.

Tilly...the basic recipe is one large egg and half a cup of grated cheese...I use cheddar, but mozzarella can also be used.

Chris, I don't use nut flour, but tonight I added a couple spoonfuls of flaxmeal. Also garlic salt, pepper, chives...spring onions are nice too.

Never eat fresh fish! It's one of the main causes of stomach upsets in this country. Along with chicken.

Anyway, as Will Smith said in one film somewhere, the fish tastes like fish.

Isn't Friday supposed to be for fish ?

In which case that leaves Saturday free for sausages.

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Evening Meal Tomorrow

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