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3-5 Meals A Day

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drobi619 | 07:45 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | Food & Drink
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What are your thoughts on having 3 to 5 meals daily? Five on my days and 3 to 4 on my work days, depending on how many hours I work. I am trying to lose weight and eat healthily, but I sometimes find healthy food not as filling as other foods, as I always seem to gravitate towards high-calorie foods. Will this help and such?



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You asked a very similar question just a month or two ago. Were the replies helpful?

You have also been asking about fasting for a few days a week.

There's loads of advice out there on healthy eating but look at someone like Michael mostly not tiktokers.

Drink lots of water when you feel hungry. Eat organic oats,  eggs, fruit, veg. beans, plain. yoghurt, nuts, beetroot.

Michael Mosely not Mostly

You need some protein. You can eat all the veg you like, but if you don't have protein your body will be driving you towards the unhealthy things.

I'm not sure anyone needs 5 meals a day, except possibly elite athletes. 

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3-5 Meals A Day

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