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What’s For Breakfast?

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Vagus | 10:24 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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I don't eat till lunchtime, just have a big mug of coffee (instant) to wake me up.

(humour me, I'm bored)



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My usual porridge made with water, nothing added followed by a piece of fruit a couple of hours later

Well...not a bacon sandwich, that's for sure.


A couple of butterflied sausages and fried tatties left over from last night.

Tea and toast too.

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Did you have them cold, Doug? I like cold leftover Chinese, but not for breakfast,

I used to love cold sausage when they had been cooked in lard or dripping.  No wonder I was fatso

No Vagus, fried to a crisp. Smashin'. 😊

Question Author

I put 6lb on over Christmas Barry, and am finding I have no motivation at all to try and lose it. I'm hoping once the weather improves and we can get out and about I won't boredom eat, and also eat more healthily.

I blame elasticated waists...

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Might have to pop to new Co op cafe and have a bacon buttie later, I can smell those sausages Doug 😋

I have long blamed elasticated and 'leisure' clothing.  It grows with you.

Nothing like a rigid waistband and tight collar to let you know you're putting on weight.


fresh fruit and greek yoghurt 

I'll let you know, when I get up! Probably tea & biscuits then porridge with honey.

Some oats so simple made with oat milk, containing figs and blueberries and two mugs of black tea.  


poached eggs on toast

Some oats so simple made with oat milk, containing figs and blueberries and two mugs of black tea.  And I'm still in bed!


porridge with skimmed milk/chopped banana/blueberries & coconut yoghurt

Omelette and yogurt

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What’s For Breakfast?

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