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Cheese And Tomato On Toast…

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Vagus | 18:45 Tue 23rd Jan 2024 | Food & Drink
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...for us tonight. Can't be bother with cooking and we always enjoy this, plenty of ketchup on top 🍅🧀🍞

Might have a couple of huge medjool dates afterwards, I could eat loads of them but try not to. Currently sipping a glass of Sauvignon blanc, my favourite type of wine 🍷

Tuesday always seems a bit middling in terms of cooking, I often can't really be bothered making the effort 😕

Are you making an effort tonight???



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Not making a lot of effort, Vagus. Horrible wet, grey day & my hip hurts so it's going to be very easy.  Chestnut mushroom omelette with butter-fried bread should do it. OH will eat up the apple pie afterwards & I'll have a few grapes.

I never buy dates - the box empties too quickly 😀   😀   😀   

Nice and simple for me as well, diced cured ham in mushy peas.

Just like (Pork) Pie and Peas but cutting out the middle man... the pastry and crust.

Nice. I seen a simple but tasty recipe on line a few days ago. Make a favourite sandwhich, un cut. Ham & cheese with mayo was used in video.

Then whisk a couple eggs with a drop of milk, seasoning. Melt a little butter in frying pan and put sandwich in till golden brown. Looked yummy!

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Hip problems are a nuisance aren't they, I've recently had steroid jabs into the bursars both sides, one side is great, the other side I think the surgeon missed the spot 🙄 You're making more of an effort than me 😁

I know canary, they are delicious aren't they. OH eats them to keep...err...regular (and they work), I eat them just because I love 'em 😋

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Oooh, Arky, that sounds scrumptious! Who needs pastry anyway???

Are you tempted Patsy? I love a cheese and onion toasty done in the panini maker.

Yes, I might try that 😀

I'm experimenting with a new recipe...chicken kheema. It's always been lamb.

I've got a defrosted portion of smacked haddock chowder...just in case. Also, if the kheema isn't ready the soup will be plenty along with a chunk of cheese after.

Pasty...I used to fill a pita pocket with ham and cheese...dip in egg and fry. It was a favourite of mine. At the time, Sainsbury's did sesame coated nice.

That's sounds nice, Pasta. Must try that one day. Thanks.

had chicken kiev with potatoes, carrots,sprouts and broccoli before the pub this afternon now going to have soup and crusty bread, happy evening to everyone.

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Smacked haddock, pasta, well, I hesitate to ask..😁

Looks like you're defo getting your five a day Fraser, what did you have to drink in the pub, are you a beer manor something else?

Why have you smaked the haddock, Pasta. Has it been cheeky?

iv got a nice waitrose deli pork pie, and some cheese and Piccalilli on the side.

Another what we call cowboy tea tonight. Sausages, bacon eggs and tomatoes...with toast.

Hey, Pasta. At least you spelled smacked properly. I didn't.


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Kheema, Tilly?

vagus, only real ale pints of butty bach, very nice it was as always.

Egg on my face, Vagus!🥚

Of course 'smacked'...It's due to be the next tiktok craze. Get with it folks!  😉😆😁

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Cheese And Tomato On Toast…

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