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Getting "Keto" Flour To Rise

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Old_Geezer | 10:23 Thu 16th May 2024 | Food & Drink
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As per the title, what can I add to keto flour to make it rise like proper bread should ?


Boring details follow:


I wanted to bake low carb bread so found one of the recipes for "keto" flour on the Interweb. It has numerous ingredients but the main one is almond flour. In fact I found a good deal on almond flour so I ordered the maximum of 2 large bags (which zeroed the p&p too); unfortunately I bake rarely, and it has just gone past it's 'best by' date, but I would hate to sling it all.


First time I tried it I started cautiously with a simple microwave bread recipe. It was ok, but a bit flat/dense. Perhaps because it didn't include yeast but seems to rely on egg ? I was still able to get a number of small slices from it though.


Next I tried an oven baked recipe which does include yeast, but it wasn't much better. I got slices but it still hadn't risen sufficiently.


Now the main almond flour ingredient is past it's 'best by' date I went back to the microwave option and doubled the quantities in the hope of using it up. (I was flabbergasted at how little I still used.) It didn't come out well. It was flatter & denser than last time. (Maybe it was because I got distracted and added the water before mixing the flour and baking powder while they were dry, but it had a darned good mixing afterwards to be sure.) This morning it was still dampish despite being on the rack overnight, so I put it under the grill for a while to dry it out. We've just had it with butter for breakfast. It tasted ok but very filling.


I'm now getting very disillusioned. I need to know if anything specific can be added to ensure it rises properly.





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First have you got almond flour or almond meal. The meal is coarser and not for baking.

You can use eggs, apple sauce or bananas to help it rise, don't know the quantities though. Baking powder should not be used

Apple sauce or bananas are a no-no...too many carbs.

I've done individual flaxseed muffins in the microwave that turn out very bread-like. Most recipes for these can be adapted as loaves. I've got some book marked...I'll be back.

Question Author

It says flour on the bag. Always seems strange using flour as an ingredient to make flour.


Thanks Arnie, I'll keep my eye out 😁

I've never done any recipes with almond flour...some nuts cause an itchy mouth.

Flaxseed bread...I've made this one as a round loaf. It came out so-so. A bit heavy. If you grind the flaxseed yourself, about 3/4 cup whole = 1 cup flour

Another recipe...

Read all the tips, detailed instructions and comments...usefull to see how others adapt recipes. 

If you want something completely different...this is what I've been making recently (minus stevia). Best for toast as very dense and crunchy. I might try adapting it...more flaxmeal and less seeds.

The Keto breads using almond flour tend to be more like scones in texture,  there are recipes out there that use gluten, whey protein, physillium husk and yeast that are much more like normal bread in texture but not taste.   They need to be made in a bread maker for best results and are a total faff!   I buy keto bread from heylo, or srsly, both companies also make keto rolls, and flatbreads.  They have an slightly unpleasant texture when straight from the pack but are much better toasted and if you compare them with the cost of making your own they are not as expensive as they look at first sight (around £5 for a small loaf of pack of rolls)

Basic flaxseed mug recipe...


1/4 cup ground flaxseed

1/2 tsp baking powder

1 pinch salt

1 whole egg


Put all of the ingredients into a standard-sized coffee mug (or larger...but not smaller).

Stir! Stir! Stir!

Put coffee mug in the microwave.

Microwave for 1 minute. If the top is still gooey (like uncooked batter), microwave for another 20 seconds.

Turn it over. Give it a few will eventually slide out! (But be patient, it can take a few seconds!)

Slice it up...enjoy it with butter, nut butter, dipped in tahini! Whatever you'd like!

Question Author

Thanks for the suggestions both. I'll keep a note of them.

I will keep looking for some additive ingredient to use the stuff already bought/mixed though.

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Getting "Keto" Flour To Rise

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