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Black Pud

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Vagus | 17:37 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Food & Drink
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How do you cook/eat yours? Just curious 🧐 



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I suspect that has to be an exception. I only get it cooked in cafes.


As a kid it was sliced and put in a sandwich straight from the pack. And later I'd eat them as a snack diectly from the pack.


Probably not just a black pudding, it's an M&S black pudding.

17.44 I've just looked at the brand that M&S sell and its cooked. All black pudding that i know of is nothing more than dried pigs blood and pork fat plus spices and barley. Boiled at the factory.

Where does it say that...It's not on the label. 

I'd still cook it. I've been doing it for so long. The thought of not doing it is 🤢

I used to eat it as it comes witylh cheese and crackers.  Lovely.

If it were uncooked it would be in a bucket.

As part of a fry up, egg, bacon, mushrooms etc

From the chippy, in a black pudding supper with salt and a lot of sauce.

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Pasta, one of the links to those black puds you mention says cook it, the other link doesn't. As with everything, we do what is right for ourselves. I could no more eat cold black pud, in a salad, sandwich, or straight from the fridge, than I could fly!

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal last night, turns out the bag of hash browns were cauliflower ones, and very tasty they were too. It all made a nice change, and it's been interesting to see how other people eat their black pud too.

The black pudding I buy has oatmeal, not barley, and finely chopped onion.

You can make it yourself at home but it's messy, dried pigs blood is easier to buy than fresh and is what most butchers who make their own puddings use.

Just be careful . Remember there is still swine flu circulating. 

You cannot get swine flu from eating pork or handling raw pig parts 

The experts don't seem to know yet what is causing this new strain of swine flu. All I said was to be careful.

Shallow fried with fried egg, mushrooms and/or tomatoes. Love it in sandwiches or just eaten cold.

Ah memories. We used to go shopping every Saturday to Bury, especially the market.

Treat of the week was having a steaming hot black pudding, cooked over wood, served in a paper bag slathered with hot mustard. Only 60 years, so can still smell and 'taste' it. :)))

Lovely, Captain.  Our Saturday treat was chitterlings but I only liked the pressed ones

Our chap used to be the hot-potato-man as well, Barry. Beautifully cooked over wood, steaming hot and more salt than you can ever imagine - I think it was 'good' for you in those days.

By one of those little coincidences which make life amusing, this turned up in my Facebook feed (pun intended) today. Now that's what I call a black pudding 😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀

Lovely :)  Nice to see they did these mad things over a century ago.

Captain, I was thinking about baked potatoes the other day (when did they start calling them jackets?).  In the late 80s in to the 90s baked potatoes became extremely popular as a healthy meal, if you recall, shops such as SpudULike popped up everywhere.

Baked potatoes are healthy but not the ones I saw people eating at work.  There was a 'baked potato man' opposite. Nearly as big as your head, smothered in butter and lots of salt, then topped with a mountain of chilli con carne and a pile of cheese.  Or baked beans.

We eat a lot of baked potatoes and I must confess to too much salt but the rest is healthy, no butter or cheese for me.  

///(when did they start calling them jackets?)///

When I was a kid (40s/50s) we always referred to baked potatoes as "potatoes in their jacket" - that seems to have become truncated to just jackets or jacket potatoes - probably by SpudULike and other such outlets.

Thanks, Canary :)

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Black Pud

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