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a fry-up tonight

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ethandron | 09:51 Tue 17th Aug 2010 | Food & Drink
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we're having sausages (costco), thick slice of black pud (costco), fried egg (aldi free range), beans (heinz), potato cakes (aldi) and maybe toast. himself does his voluntary thing with the rspb today and always comes in starving. also making banana cakes today with the bananas which have gone soft.
what do you put in a fry-up?


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Sausages, Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, fried potatoes and beans.

I'm having roast beef tonight...
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you just reminded me ummmm, i have mushrooms too. we tend to have bacon or sausage but not both.
I don't really like sausages and bacon. The lads do though.
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you have sons? did you see the programme about two families, one with 4 girls and one with 4 boys, the parents swapped for a week-end?
Yeah I seen that. It was quite amusing. I have two sons and a daughter but only the boys live at home now. I do miss her being around...especially because most of our visitors are male as well.

I'm glad I'm not a girly girl...
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i have two sons, both grown up and living miles away. i'd always hankered after having a daughter, but that programme really made me think, especially the final comments from the mum of the boys. i had so much fun with our two, especially when they were young, a pair of right little monkeys. i'm not a girly girl either, never have been, don't think i'd survive as a teenager in todays girly culture. having said that, since my sister died two years ago (she only lived round the corner) i really miss close female company, friends just aren't quite the same, so i can understand how you feel about your daughter not living at home.
Definitely cant have fry up without the mushrooms
They are a must 4get....

Hopefully my daughter will be coming over in August (she lives in Ireland) I'm hoping that she decides to stay. Doubt it though....she's in love :-(
saus, bacon, beans, egg, toast and maybe hash borwns
And MUSHROOMS...!!!!
no dead slugs, blood bags or bulls testicles
Bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomatoe and toast.
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no-one have kidney or liver with it? we don't but sometimes you see it advertised in places.

ps. banana cakes (4 of them) turned out great, all made with bisquick and used up 6 really soft bananas.
crispy bacon, sausage, egg, tinned or grilled tomatoes, slice of potato cake, and a nice hot mug of tea... hmmm ... yummy... niice :o)
couldnt resist. Now making fry up
me too 4get!! lol ...
Was just going to have ham, egg and chips for tea but might now add mushrooms and tomatoes as you've made me really hungry.
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well, we've just finished ours and are totally stuffed, can't believe how many potato cakes i managed to eat!!!
hope you all enjoy yours as much as we did - a fry-up always hits the spots doesn't it?

ps. jan, i bet you totally relish your meal tonight after your good news :)

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a fry-up tonight

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