Can I Be A Mild Vegan

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Curiosity_x | 01:31 Sun 01st Jul 2018 | Food & Drink
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Can i be considered a mild vegan if i dont eat animal or dairy products yet i own things like a leather couch and shoes etc (im 15)?


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The OP is ‘user inactive’.
kvalidir, it’s not ‘aimed’ at anyone in particular. If you recognise yourself there’s not a lot I can say.
Hahaha, riiiiight, what a load of tosh ( as usual).
I'm vegan except at mealtimes.
"The OP is ‘user inactive’."

That'll be due to a lack of protein and animal fat.
kvalidir, whilst you are uppermost in your thoughts, unsurprisingly you are rarely in mine.
..and yet you persist on answering me so you can be, as usual, the thread's 'Last Word Larry'. Off you trot then petal, nothing to see here ;-)
kvalidir, if you attack me, like it or not, I'll answer you. Incidentally, the last word thing never worked so is old hat now. Keep up. ;o)
Such a beautiful morning for swinging handbags ...and all that xx ;-)
You attacked me Naomi and then denied it because you don't have the bottle to actually front someone out when challenged because what you said had nothing to do with the thread. You're always doing it, to me, to others... and rarely can anyone be arsed to call you on it, but just at the moment I'm not having a very nice time so my tolerance for sheer blind nastiness ( from anyone not just you) is practically zero, so you've been called.Get over it.
kvalidir, you're the one getting your knickers in a knot. I've nothing to get over.
Take it outside, please :P
Kva, having disputes on the net is just a waste of your time. Save your passion for something important .

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