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melv16 | 20:24 Tue 08th May 2018 | Food & Drink
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I'm watching top of the shop on BBC 2.
I can't believe the prices that they are charging for the goods.
£3-80 for a loaf of bread.
£1-00 for a pretzel.
£3-75 for a chocolate brownie.


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I believe these are artisan foods though not your run of the mill loaf of sunblest
Sounds more like it's One Born Every Minute you're watching. :-)
Yep...that word "artisan" hikes prices several-fold.
Well you couldn't give me a pretzel but yes the prices seem steep but so called artisan bread can cost that and more. The brownie is just for people with more money than sense.
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I went to Chatsworth farm shop last week. They were asking 65p for a Longley Farm yoghurt. You can buy exactly the same product in Morrisons for 30p. I did buy some oatcakes, though.
Ah but the Duke of Devonshire does have rather a large house to keep though ( How come the Duke of Devonshire lives in Derbyshire ? ), melv.
what's the difference between an
artisan loaf and a rustic loaf ?
as they both seem to incur a premium
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Dunno, Tony. The duke of Rutland (Haddon Hall), does too.
artisan - a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods
rustic - simple, artless, or unsophisticated
The Duke of Cornwall lives in Gloucestershire to.
But it is cool to demonstrate wealth by paying £3.80 for bread it lets the poor know in no uncertain terms that the BBC has no interest in them. It is called equality.
Oddly enough, supplies often arrive in the same van/truck that drops off at Bert's Bakery on the high street.

It's really all about the bag and the neighbours innit.
Having had the luxury of trying a loaf of artisan bread (that cost nearly £5) from Borough Market, I can honestly say that it was absolutely delish. Not something I'd buy every week, but for a treat, it was well worth it.
Well, the gentleman making the loaves didn't need a van - his customers came to him to purchase.

I bet it was delicious.
I never buy cheap bread. Then again, we don't actually eat much bread.
You may have misread the bit about the van.
dose of constipation there?
'The Duke of Cornwall lives in Gloucestershire too'

well he's 'rustic - simple, artless, and unsophisticated.'

No argument there.
Does any Duke live in the 'right' place? Duke of Norfolk in Sussex, Arundel.
their wives and sproglets lived in the county of their title, they lived where their mistresses and bumchums were.....

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'ow Much!

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