So You Fancy A Take-Away, Which Would Be Your Take-Away Of Choice?

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RATTER15 | 14:35 Wed 15th Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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We don't often eat take-away or fast food but on occasions, when we do, we eat Subway or McDonalds or the good old fish and chips, burger king as a last resort.
Would never eat KFC

So your options are: Subway, McDonalds, Burger king, KFC or fish and chips.


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Good fish and chips for me
Definitely fish and chips ........... from a good chippy, obviously.
Fish and chips because they are closest. I treat myself to fish and chips or white pudding and chips about once a month.

McDonalds ice cream flurry stuff is lovely, burger king used to do nice onion rings but haven't been for ages.

I don't have a car
it would depend on my mood, feeesh and cheeeps, if its a decent chippie or the old standby, qp with fries
Fish and chips but usually when we are back home in Yorkshire. Like Indian & Chinese as well. Always think McD's taste of cardboard.
Can you get Bunny Chow? :-)
Burger king, they at least taste like a burger.
Or maybe
Pap n'Vleis?
Delicious! :-)
I agree with mccfluff in that it depends on my mood and I've just eaten two fish... of your list though KFC for me.
Question Author
Im not a lover of burger king, had them a few times but to me they always tasted burnt.

KFC bothers me when I see the size of the legs and wings, how old are these birds when slaughtered, the are the size of a sparrows limbs.

I think Subway offer the best value for money.
Mixed shish ... lamb, chicken and doner in a nan bread in a wrap.
The best chippy we have eaten in is Trenchers in Whitby. They even have a blackboard that tells you the name of the trawler & its captain, what time it docked & even which farm in Lincolnshire the spuds have come from.
not had a take away in years ..make a chinese or an indian myself and freeze the portions
kfc.. sparrows kneecaps mrs c calls them ..yuk hate the stuff
Talbot, I must of missed that on the list.
I once dated a girl called Donna does that count ?
She wasn't a Reindeer was she. I have heard its rather tasty.
She was indeed a deer little thing.
i don't buy subway on principle, they only do halal meats,
admittedly one doesn't know what goes into burgers,
so perhaps fish and chips would be better.
None of the above.

I only like curry.

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So You Fancy A Take-Away, Which Would Be Your Take-Away Of Choice?

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