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Cloverjo | 00:37 Sat 11th Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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This is probably a daft question, but I was wondering if you are meant to peel the thin skin off a chorizo.

I made paella today and thought I should peel the chorizo, but it went a bit mushy round the edges. I don't know if proper Spanish cooks would peel it.


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Oddly enough I asked a similar question recently about Black Pudding,and was told I could skin it.Having had Chorizo(with skin on) it will probably be like the Black Pudding, so I cannot see why you can't skin it.Chorizo has quite a dense flesh,so I don't think it will come apart.
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Thanks, OldBather. I was wondering if it might be better to leave it on, as mine did go a bit at the edges. It always looked intact when I've had paella anywhere else.

I skinned my black pudding last time I ate it. It seemed a bit too plasticky to leave on.
Yes,Black Pudding has a rather artificial skin doesn't it.The problem with Chorizo is(unlike Black Pudding)that it is normally IN a dish,and so you can't skin it after cooking.
This is a forum that seems to be solely devoted to your question,even so it doesn't seem to give a completely definite answer.It is (I think) a US site,but the advis is still OK.
Yes. Same goes for Black Pud,

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Thanks again, OB. Differences of opinion on that forum. I think I'll leave the skin on next time and see if the people I cook for still like it.
Also different Chorizos will have different skin, try it both ways and stick with the one you prefer.
I've never peeled chorizo. I've also just checked lots of relevant recipes on the BBC website and none of them mention peeling it either.
Peeling a chorizo is like Peeling a grape. Too much faff for nothing.
Peel black pudding, Most of the commercial brands have the thin plastic covering, it is edible, but best removed. I get black, and white, pudding from Don't peel chorizo.

I get my black and white pudding from Twomey's in Clonakilty, West Cork in Ireland, it is the best you can get. They invented it!
Don't know what happened to that, that's not the way I typed it!
Tech is weird.
I ALWAYS peel chorizo (I've just used some making tonight's meal) as I can't abide the skin. It takes seconds to do..cut a bit of one end and slide the knife down the length of the sausage under the skin. It splits very easily and then peels off in one piece.
The black pud I buy is one of those long fat ones from Costco, covered in plastic, no way would I eat that. I slice it up and freeze the slices, peeling the plastic off when I come to use it.
There's no right or wrong, just do what you prefer.
It depends which chorizo you are using, if it is raw then you will need to remove the skin.
Is the CH in chorizo pronounced "CH" as in chase, Or "COR" as in cornet ( cor-it-zo, or chor-it-zo ) ?.
Both of your suggestions retain the 'z', so they're bound to be incorrect because 'z' is pronounced as 'th' in Spanish .

I agree with 'tcho/REE/thoh', as suggested here:
and I'm confident that the teachers who taught me Spanish for five years (half a century ago) would agree.
i usually keep skin on, delicious by the way.

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