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atalanta | 21:23 Fri 10th Mar 2017 | Food & Drink
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I am fed up either grating my knuckles, or wasting the last bit of carrot I want to grate. I have tried using the sort of spiked holder which comes with my mandolin, but that isn't adequate. Is there any other sort of food gripper, ( apart from chain-metal gloves !) ?


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Have a look at OXO good grips. If they don't do it then nobody will
^ That's a peeler though and not a grater. I have one of those (6 quid from the local market)
Maybe just use a knife on that last bit that risks your knuckles. If you used some type of holder wouldn't you grate bits of that into the meal ?
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The man with a peeler doesn't have a gripper ( that I can see) I have heaps of peelers and graters, but not the right gripper.

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Food Gripper

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