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Dinner This Evening

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ethandron | 16:18 Sat 09th Jan 2016 | Food & Drink
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After our naff but delicious fish fingers last night, tonight it will be Chinese takeaway....sweet and sour chicken, beef in black bean sauce, special fried rice, and a chop suey roll, not had one of those for years.
Followed by sticky toffee pud and a dollop of natural yogurt.
Really looking forward to it now that we've found a decent takeaway after our regular one closed.


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Bread and pullit, pickled gnats eyebrows and $h!t with sugar on.

Cake Towers is a messy place to be at the moment......
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Up to your usual standard then Eccles...
Off to Grandson's 5th Birthday party, maybe jelly and cream?
roast turkey breast joint with fried gnocchi
I feel I am exceeding myself!
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Ooh, fried gnocchi, never had that. Only had gnocchi once and didn't like it at all, very stodgy and cloggy.
Can't go wrong with jelly and cream mamya
salad with boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and ham.
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That's a real winter warmer Islay :/
My lovely OH taking me out for an Italian meal tonight.
Brisket of Beef. 5hrs in oven. Apparently the leftovers,can be made into other appetising dishes.
By the way Eth, beef in black bean sauce is my most favourite Chinese meal !
I know ethandron but I am not actually able to eat much more than that at the mo. Also I had turkey sausages last night!
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Special occasion viv? We always order sweet & sour and beef in black bean sauce, doesn't matter what else, has to be those two. Mind you I don't think there's any Chinese dish I actually dislike.
5 hours for brisket Zacs, is that the usual time for cooking it? Seems a lot but I confess I know nothing about cooking brisket. We had moose over Christmas and I think that would have I improved with 5 hours of cooking....
Oh heck Islay, I see you have gallstones, I guess that's why you can't eat a great variety of food at the moment. Aren't eggs said to be not the best things in your situation or has thinking changed?
They have good fats as opposed to bad and tbh its one of the few things that don't upset me - at the mo!!
Making the Portuguese chicken meal that got Ainsley a 10 from Len (Goodman) on their TV programme. We really enjoyed it too when I made it before
Fat is a beggar with gallstones, I remember it well!

I went to the Chinese as well, they do amazing salt and pepper chicken wings so got some of those with some rice.
Beef in red wine with carrots, herby dumplings (it's getting cold) and baby spuds - these are for Mr. J2, I'm trying to lose the chocolates over Christmas. :(
Katsu curry for me & jasmine rice.... Cant wait !!!!

Have wee thai fritters to start... X
Burger and chips. (Homemade though)
It was salmon marinated in olive oil,soy and spring onions then grilled,with pan fried baby plum tomatoes and creamed spinach.

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Dinner This Evening

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