Weight Watchers soup.

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mumsie_wumsie | 13:51 Mon 16th Jan 2012 | Food & Drink
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Has any one got the recipe/exact ingredients for this vegetable soup? It is absolutely delicious. I had the recipe a couple of years ago and thought I still had it, but can't find it anywhere. I think it was in one of those leaflet thingies that you get every week from Weight Watchers. It is 0 points. I need a kick start to get some weight off, and this soup is the ideal thing to have, especially on these cold winter days. Please, some-one have a look through your weight watchers paper work.


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You can use any combination of vegetables plus tin of tomatoes or vegetable stock. If you make it in the microwave, you can get away without using any fat.
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Thanks FoxLee2 and mamyalynne for your quick replies. I seem to remember the recipe did include a tin of tomatoes. I used to make it in a big stock pot and we all had it for lunch(very filling) and even my grand children loved it.
Interesting recipe (well except for the celery of course, which is always yuk). Looks the sort of thing I'd rather blend though as it's not so pleasing to the eye if it just looks like a load of veg floating in hot water. Probably more filling that way too as the stomach won't be able to just let the liquid rush through. Hmmm I must reconsider getting one of those soup maker gadgets.
Take one litre of water and put in saucepan

Heat it up


Calories 0, Carbs 0, Fat 0, Sodium trace. Other minerals, minor trace.
Best used in two days
Can be reheated.
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Thanks for all your suggestions, but still haven't found the exact one I'm looking for.
DT---could even have your suggestion cold!!!!!!!
Lol DT. That was actually quite funny :-)

Mumsie, I have a recepie somewhere for a 0 points soup. It might be vegetable, but it might also be cabbage.. I can't remember.

I will have a look in a bit and, if I can find it (it's on a piece of paper in one of the books) then I'll post it :-)
WW free food no point vegetable soup:

small can of chopped tomatoes
2 carrots
an onion chopped
a courgette chopped
a vegetable stock cube
1/2 pt water
salt and pepper to taste

Place all ingredients in a saucepan cover and cook until veg are soft (about 20 mins). For a smooth soup puree in a blender, for chunky soup, puree half the mixture. Return to pan and heath through before serving.

in winter try using swede instead of courgette or use any free point vegetables as liked.
Make sure it's Asda's own stock cubes or Kallo organic as they are zero points and all the other brands are at least 1 point :)
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Thankyou all so much. I now have plenty of soup recipes to see me through the cold winter days.And I think Jules001 has the one i've been looking for,sounds very similar any way. Once again, thankyou.
This is soup heaven - fat free greek yoghurt optional. Point it up - bet it is very low if not free and much more filling

What are free point veg?
Nearly all veg except broad beans, peas, sweet potato and I think artichoke?
Potato is not a veg and has points.

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Weight Watchers soup.

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