Would I be sharp to take up this offer?

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JonnyBoy12 | 09:58 Sun 06th Feb 2011 | Food
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I have just had an email from a mail order for the following offer. A knife set valued at over £125 for just £1.99! Does this sound right, or am I about to be conned? What do you ABers think of this, and have I got any comeback if these knives are rubbish, or do not arrive here at all:


Thanks as usual for your ever helpful replies.


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The postal charges will probably be more than the value of the knives.
Jean Patrique are completely reliable, no con at all.
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I suspect you will be bombarded with emails and possibly phone calls by the company.
The knives might be OK but ...
A quick read of other forums shows that the knives are only worth a tenner any way, very poor quality, and they sell your details so you'll get loads of junk mail.
The company also tend to repeatedly send out duplicate orders and charge you for them, creating a lot of hassle.
"I suspect you will be bombarded with emails and possibly phone calls by the company."

You suspect wrongly ... you get a very occasional email and their new catalogue when they choose to release one.
Snap jom!
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lmao at the links to the (bad)reviewcentre.con.
Some people have obviously had a different experience to yourself Naz.
I didn't feel it was my duty to write a glowing review, instead I just enjoy the products.

Yes, I know they wouldn't post bad reviews there, but I need to counter your attack, lol
Ive got a set, the knives are ok and do need a good sharpen before use, i bought the cheap set firstly and then later bought the large block with all the knives, and got a free set of steak knives.

But as I said the knives do need a good sharpen first, I just use an oil stone before every use.

As for the reviews, if you want a decent electric salt and pepper mills go to lakeland website.

It's not an attack as such Naz, just an opinion and other peoples experiences.
When goods are advertised as 'valued at' or 'worth' a certain amount, you should either ignore it, or try to check out the product price on the internet. I was in our local T.K.Maxx yesterday and saw a very nice winter jacket with an RRP (they said) of £235 being sold for £99. Far be it for me to accuse that shop of being dishonest in their RRP claim, but out of curiosity, when I got home I was able to check the manufacturer's retail list price on the internet. It is £175. I also saw it was available elsewhere on the internet at £82 with free delivery. It definitely pays to shop around first.
First question is - do you need a new set of knives?

Proceed from there.
If it came out of the blue, and you don't need them, I'd ignore it. Unless you have used this company before, your details must have been sold on to them on a mailing list - I'd treat it as spamming, and delete it.
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Thanks for your all your answers, folks, and I suppose I do not really need them at all. We could just use the sharpness of our wit, or I could just make some cutting remarks instead.

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