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What Should I Do About This Situation?

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lolitasteward | 07:29 Tue 07th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Since the first time I saw this guy (about a year ago), I knew he was interested in me but I didn't like him back because I was interested in someone else. The guy I was interested in, rejected me. Then after a few months I ended up being interested in the first guy and since then I act really awkward in front of him. He used to care about me a lot, but now he kinda avoids me. He doesn't even want to sit next to me anymore. What should I do?



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Leave him alone, he doesn't want to be second best nor a substitute.  He thinks if he wasn't good enough then, he's too good now.

Tell him you're interested & would like to get to know him better. Why should the guy always have to make the first move!

He did make the first move a year ago - he's moved on



What if the boot was on the other foot. You liked a guy but he ignored you and sees someone else then a year later he is interested in you. Yay or no way?



It'll depend on which you prefer to risk more. The risk of a period of regret regarding not having the nerve to go after what you want, or the risk of a period of embarrassment at letting your feelings known and having them rebuffed. (BTW this is what society expects the males to do and views it as being natural. So it ain't unique.)


Which life lesson would you prefer to risk and learn to cope with, as if it were water off of a duck's back ?


Personally I'd probably choose the latter since such situations are likely to crop up time and again, and so it's worth developing a tolerance to them. But as stated, you may find his interest now lies elsewhere. It's your choice.

As Barry says at 7:49.

Leave him alone, learn and move on.

It's no big deal - pluck up your courage and ask him for a date, worst that can happen is he says "no", then you'll know for sure and can direct your attention elsewhere. Life's too short.

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What Should I Do About This Situation?

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