Sugared Almonds, Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

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Jamjar74 | 19:12 Wed 23rd Oct 2019 | Food
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Can any tell me where I can buy the above for Christmas. My local stores do not seem to stock them. Any info. much appreciated


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Brazils - home bargains, B and M stores, Iceland. Not seen sugared almonds for years.
I've found sugared almonds in Lidl before now and sometimes in bargain shops like Quality Save. Other than that, only in proper sweet shops which have all the jars of sweets but not many of them around now.

I'm sure I've seen posher ones in M&S in the past but not much for your money and from memory they were more faffy flavours like lavender.

The brazil nut ones, I've seen them in the bargain/pound shops too.
Thinking about it, likely online somewhere too, I think they can be used for wedding favours so maybe those kinds of shops if you can't find them on online sweet shops. You might need to buy quite a few to make it worth it though.
Paynes Just Brazils (180g) are £4 in Tesco and Morrisons but only £3.00 in Iceland and £2.99 in B&M:

Hobbycraft might not be the first place you'd think of for sugared almonds but they've got stores across the country and they sell them in nice big packs:
yup, they sell them for traditional wedding favours.
Make some sugar mice too, great fun and easy.
Grape tree do both milk and plain chocolate covered brazil nuts. In shops or online at
Amazon do sugared almonds at least. Love them :-)
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Thank you all, I shall be off hunting to-morrow
Website Pots of Sweets. They have sugared almonds, box of various chocolate covered nuts and other things. We buy our liquorice from them, two boxes of novelties for £8.50
You can get a KG here of chocolate covered Brazil nuts for less than £10 which is a good price considering the 500G was £8. User Recommendation
1kg sugared almonds £10 User Recommendation

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Sugared Almonds, Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

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