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Should I Tell This Guy No Point Speaking If We Not Going To Meet Up?

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abbeylee90 | 06:18 Sun 12th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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The guy I mentioned I like and met on pof should I tell him no point speaking if we not going to meet up as I'm going to be speaking to others anyway.



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Question Author

He messaged a photo of him at a food festival 

Okay? So what? Maybe he sent it all his contacts.

Question Author

Said food festival was good and soaking from the rain.

He has no idea I changed job.

So what? You had changed jobs before you met him and didn't tell him. You haven't seen him for ages.

How was back at work today?

Question Author

Yes and goof thanks 

//Yes and goof thanks //

Does that mean you *** up yet again?

Anyway I see you've started a new thread still wondering about beardy guy as he seems to have a big wad. 

Same old, same old Newmod, but AB loves it because lots of agony aunts answer.

With good advice 🙄

1ozzy, you and newmod love it too, with your very frequent comments on her threads.  Bet you can't wait to read her posts every day

LOL, I just stumble across them Baz and wonder why anyone bothers, hence my acerbic remarks

I suspect you think you are being funny. 

I suspect you think you're right

Question Author

He now asking what I was doing tomorrow 😕

Are you going to tell him?  Maybe he wants to go out with you tomorrow...or for you to stay over.

He's already told you he's not interested in you romantically just as mates.

You understand that , Abbey ?

Question Author

Yeah so what I'm trying to understand is why is he so interested in where I'm going or doing over the weekend.

Well I'd say no as it my friends birthday and we not seeing eachother or mates for that matter

Clementino- I think abbey's talking about the more recent guy, the one who wanted her to stay over, not beardy guy

OK Abbey just be straight eithhom as you were with Beardy guy with the big wod.

I would now tell him definitely no more messaging . I cannot think why  he needs to know what you are doing tomorrow. You don' have to reply to him.


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Should I Tell This Guy No Point Speaking If We Not Going To Meet Up?

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