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If You Were My Boss, Would You Be Upset With Me?

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Cindy1302 | 22:01 Sun 12th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I work for a commercial  cleaning company and my co worker has autism. I drive us around from site to site. Like two months ago my car was leaking oil, so I took it to the mechanic. My boss let me use a company car. A couple weeks later my car is finished being worked on. My boss happened to call me and asked if she could have the car back, because we had a new employee and they needed to use the company car, so I said I was done with it, so I met my boss and returned it. Well, today when I pulled into the driveway, my front left tire got stuck in a turning position. I sent some pictures and he said the tie rod or something is broken. I have no idea how to replace it, and even if I did, I need a bunch of tools I don't have. So my brother in law was gonna come help me, but hes watching Nascar instead, so whatever. I called my boss, and she didn't answer, so I left a message saying that my car is broken down, so I don't have transportation. I could take a taxi but that would take a lot of extra time and money. Also I have keys to most of the sites that other people don't, so its putting my boss in a very tough situation. Do you think my boss has a right to be upset with me that my car has broken down twice in the past two months?



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I'd probably feel frustrated about the situation but that's not the same as being upset with you personally.

Don't worry about your boss, he will understand that cars break down.

It is up to him to solve the situation.

You seem to get very worried about things that are not important.  It isn't good for your mental health to worry about things that you have no control over or are not your responsibility.  

It is easy for me to say but try and relax and try and understand that people are responsible for their own actions and you have no obligation to report them, especially after a period of time.

Best wishes from Scotland😁


I would say it depends where you are and what the local employment laws are.

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If You Were My Boss, Would You Be Upset With Me?

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