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Is Someone Who Plays With An Airsoft Gun In The Forrest, And Leaves The Plastic Pellets Laying Around As Bad As A Serial Killer?

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Cindy1302 | 04:40 Mon 13th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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I say yes, because plastic takes thousands of years to decompose, and a lot of animals are bound to eat those pellets and die a horrible death




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The pellet would just pass through them

Much worse than a serial killer - should be tortured then executed.....

Damn savages...

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Great thinkers of our time, an occasional series.

Simple research online can answers those questions, not that I actually needed to check.

A regular airsoft pellet (non biodegradable) can take years to decompose, however it will happen and a lot quicker than a plastic bag, so I guess someone that litters is as bad as a serial killer too.

It's unlikely that they'd cause any hard to animals, even the biodegradable ones aren't likely to cause any injury.

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What evidence is there that forest animals will eat plastic pellets?  And as for being as bad a a serial killer, no, can't see any airsoft kids making it into the history books alongside Harold Shipman or Ian Brady just yet.

Cindy; Any non-vegetarian or non-vegan could be classed as a serial killer according to your reasoning.

I think you are being over-sensitive.

I don't think you can realistically compare thoughtless disposal of plastic with the murder to several human beings.

I appreciate that it's your view Cindy, but I think you'll find yourself in the minority on here.

Don't get het up about litter, - pick it up. I am the unofficial litter collector of my village; when I go out with my dog (3 times a day) I always have a disposable surgical glove and a folded paper bag in my pocket.

It's became almost a hobby, and when we come back home, it's nice to think that the world's just a tiny bit better than when we went out. 😊

If you are that worried about it, take a walk with a large bag and pick them all up and put them in a bin. Sorted.  Next question.

I'll take "how to overreact" for £250


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Is Someone Who Plays With An Airsoft Gun In The Forrest, And Leaves The Plastic Pellets Laying Around As Bad As A Serial Killer?

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