Being Harrassed By My Neighbour Please Someone Help

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Rose54 | 16:28 Fri 06th May 2022 | Family & Relationships
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I have fairly recently moved to a share property (i.e, its a fairly big building with multiple bedsits in but the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and halls are all communal)

I have never lived in a shared property before as I have always had my own place but in order to save up and pay off debt i have acquired over the years I moved to the place I am now.

As i'd never shared a house with multiple other people in the first few weeks I was speaking to pretty much everyone I saw in order to lay a good foundation so I can get on with my life in peace, Although this seems to have heavily back fired as one guy who I merely said 'Hello, how are you' to has started harassing / stalking me to the point he will stand in the ginnel by the house until I get home from work (regardless of how much overtime I do to avoid him) and he has directly said 'I have been waiting for you for ages' .

I have spoken to a few of the other guys who live in the shared house to ask him to back off as he is Mongolian and I'm not sure just how fluently he speaks English - its also obvious he is not all there in the head, after one of the other guys spoke to him when he saw me again he was shouting extremely aggressively at me although he wasn't speaking English so I have no idea what he was actually saying. He also will occasionally block the main and only entrance to the building off with his arm in order to stop me going into the building because he wants to carry on talking at me, ie tells me i need to go live with him in his room and how I need to be married.

I have tried a good 5+ times over the past 3 months to politely tell him to back off and leave me alone as he is making me extremely uncomfortable but its completely falling on deaf ears and I'm now slightly worried that at some point he will hurt me because I am not at all remotely interested in him.

His room is at the front of the building over looking the entrance and now EVERY SINGLE TIME i go to work, go out to meet my friends or even just go to the corner shop HE IS THERE, WAITING FOR ME and when I'm in my room he will stand directly where my window is and just stare at it (while smoking weed) for literal hours.

I have tried explaining the situation but no one is taking me seriously or simply throw the 'he has mental health issues and he's not from this country' card at me which I'm sorry seems like a cop out because if he really doesn't understand boundary's just what does he have to do before his behaviour is taken as seriously as what I feel it should be? like what can I do? I don't feel safe in the place I pay to live yet I'm being made to feel like my concerns aren't justified and wont be until I get seriously hurt or killed. (which with how aggressive he can become wouldn't surprise me)


I have recently started videoing every time I entre or leave the building in order to have proof of this

I also have purposely a few times left the building like I was going to the shop and then turned around and gone back into the building and EVERY SINGLE TIME he will be stood there by the door watching me

I have politely asked him to stop following and harassing me on so many occasions over the past few months its mental

I am not of large build (8 and a half stones) and I'm 22 he is at least 40 and easily double my size weight wise

I'm also worried that i would be scrutinised if he tried to attack me because I would fight back and probably hurt him as he seems to have his ducks in a row with the 'mental health problems and the fact he apparently cant walk for long periods of time'


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talk to his landlord.
Or move out
My advice is much shorter - Police
It is a crime to harass.
You dont even have to quote the act ( prevention of harassment act I think anyway)
You must inform the Police - nobody else has any authority to act to prevent his behaviour so of course they won't do anything.
Yep, agreed, you must inform the police and show them your evidence. They'll most likely have a word with him and hopefully he will leave you in peace.
does he do it to any other women in your house ?
its fine telling her to call the police but she has still got to live there! You're doing the right thing by getting everything on record, you must inform the police but if they get involved it could end up worse than what it is now, my advice would be to move out asap, that may not be easy but you must get away from this man, go to Citizens Advice or the local council and ask about sheltered accommodation, i hope it gets better and i wish you luck in the future.
So you're criticising us for telling her to go to the police........then advising her to go to the police???
I'm guessing that if it was easy for Rose to move to alternative accommodation, she would already have done so.
It is probably not the first time he has stalked someone. The fact that you do not feel safe should be enough for you to speak to the Police.

// So you're criticising us for telling her to go to the police........then advising her to go to the police???//

Ken - this is Ab so the answers do not have to make sense
and neither do the original posts - - ter ddah !
You is stays farr aware from him . He is look like a dangeret man and he can makes you harm and he is killing you ones day
You is collecting money and finding a new place to go and live inside. You still there and you make sure he no come nears you and you go to sleep and you are locked the door for you safely
It is ah raining not here also.
You lost me when you said one of the other tenants was Mongolian and you weren't sure he spoke English. Try talking to him and find out. Amazed that ABers think this is a genuine contribution to the site. It isn't. It's rubbish.
Anyone who believes this yarn is a moron.

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Being Harrassed By My Neighbour Please Someone Help

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