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Should I Tell This Guy No Point Speaking If We Not Going To Meet Up?

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abbeylee90 | 06:18 Sun 12th May 2024 | Family & Relationships
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The guy I mentioned I like and met on pof should I tell him no point speaking if we not going to meet up as I'm going to be speaking to others anyway.



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I just said ok one word 

So, you replied to him?

Can I ask, was that after you posted this question, or before?


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Before question

Abby he just wants to spend the night with you, can't you understand?????

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That why best to say no point speaking and if he says stay at his I say I don't know well enough then see what he says 

You're wasting your time, Abbey - move on 😊

Just ignore him Abbey. He is wasting your time.For goodness  sake, don't start making excuses. You are better off going down to Nando's with a girlfriend and meet a couple of guys there. Yes, it happens a lot and you stand a much better chance than PoF. 


I agree with Clementino.  Perhaps the blokes you're meeting through that website are only on there because they can't meet girls in the usual way.  None of them seem up to much.  

Why do you have to say anything? He's obviously not interested. Let it go.

Abbey, you've been not interested in some guys, and some guys have not been interested in you. Instead of letting things drag on - or trying to drag them on  by yourself - why not just... move on? And you don't have to stick with internet dating if you feel it's been a dead loss so far.

Nine people have said NO to your question and you just ignore. 

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What I'm saying is why message me saying 'I'm f**ked' at 2am in morning all of a sudden and send me a photo of him in morrisons in afternoon.

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I gave up on dating sites for ages.

No idea, and it doesn't matter. He's not interested. Let it go.

That's even worse !  steer clear ...

 we have your best interests  at heart

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If like you said move on wouldn't speak to him anyway we werent friends before meeting on pof

Please stop this rambling. Go out and enjoy the sun 

Let. It. Go.


Abbey, none of us here know the reasons for random guys' behaviour - and YOU don't need to know them as you are wanting to stop all 'conversation', block him, whatever. You seem very reluctant to let things - all sorts of things - go!

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Should I Tell This Guy No Point Speaking If We Not Going To Meet Up?

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