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How Do I Tell This Guy About My Condition

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abbeylee90 | 22:10 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Family & Relationships
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As I've said I've jad seizures in the past and I'm abit weary telling this guy. He has asked me if I want to stay at his soon.



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Do you mean "a bit wary"?

I can understand that, but you should do so before agreeing to stay with him.  The best you can do is explain how he should react if you do suffer another in his presence (and of course how likely or not it is). It's up to him then to show how serious he is (or isn't).

Wow - things are moving fast Abbey 😊  I think it might be fair to tell him but others may have a different opinion. x

I also think that you should tell him.

How often...or recently...have you had a seizure?  If it's infrequent, then you can also reassure him of that. 

Oh I think you can leave it a while 

What is "his soon"?

Tell him the truth Abbey, it gets way too complicated and stressfull if you don't

You said you haven't had a seizure for a long time and that's why you are able to learn to drive. I can think of more important things to reveal about your conditions than that on to all these dates you're getting from PoF.

Prudie, I wonder if she has come clean on her seizures, eg we have heard  nothing about her fork lift driving training for some time

You've previously told us you're on meds and you don't "fall to the floor", so when was the last time?

He's asked you if you want to *stay at his*.  Is that code for s*x?  How do you feel about that?

Oooh, an escalation, this is more like it.

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Weary and not for 3 years. Do I still do forklift course with work going and selco can provide one

Tell him that years ago you had mild seizures but the last time was over three years ago and you are able to drive.  No need to make a big thing of it.

Tell your manager about the fork lift training and ask his/her advice

Temporary absence seizures?

...perhaps you should rethink the driving/fork lift training if you're worried you'll have one again.

//How Do I Tell This Guy About My Condition//

Maybe honestly, you may get an honest answer, who knows?

Canary, Abbey does mean wary not weary ( although she does get tired through work)

I agree with canary but Abbey finds it difficult to tell people the truth about things like where she works and tell employers about her learning difficulties. She hides things from her mum. 

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Because people judge me or incase it don't work out

If it doesn't work out, it just doesn't work out 🤷.

Have you told your mum about him yet, and if not, how will you explain staying out?

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How Do I Tell This Guy About My Condition

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