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Would You Be Speaking To My Friend In My Situation?

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abbeylee90 | 20:22 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | Family & Relationships
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Basically she become friends with one of my friends through me so she asks her what date are we out for her birthday but when I mention mine she says she can't commit to a night out in advance and this was in March today the she says I didn't tell her to book it off and her rota for my may is done and I'm very angry as we been friend over 10 years also when I was with my ex she told me to stay in touch with my friend as I won't have no one if we split well she going the same way.



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Anybody seen a full stop around these parts?

Did you actually ask her to book your date  in her diary, Abbey?  If not, it is is easy for these things to slip by.

I do find it  hard to believe that anyone is booked up solidly for May, so could you be flexible on the actual date if the actual day is not on?  Also, who else is involved? Probably your parents, sister etc..... and have you booked anywhere or is it informal?

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I said it will most likely be that and have to see how she is for money and bills and money is a very tight month 

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Sorry about no full stops I'm very tired

You've been asked many times to use punctuation eg. full stops etc.

Take time with your posts, re-read them before you submit them.

Abbey, this wasn't a time-sensitive subject - you're letting the subject bother you! Maybe leave it until you're less tired? 

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I've been narked off all day.

Abbey, it's obviously bothering you a lot- you have returned to the subject several times.

PS If you only speak 'in a group' she doesn't sound that close a friend? Maybe she was in the past, but things change.

Maybe time for a career change.

All the more reason to get some sleep.

I could tell when you were posting about this earlier while at work.

You're tired and haven't eaten. Put your phone down, have a banana or something‽ maybe a soak in the bath and  an early night.


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I've had a shower and couldn't eat

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Doug what do you mean career change?

I'm sorry, Abbey, but you're coming across as a 14 year schoolgirl, who'll throw a hissy fit at anything and everything they don't like or agree with. Time to grow up and move on - it's called life.

Did you read any of the replies last time you mentioned your friend? Again, if you've not spoken since February, let it go.

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Yes I did and since February only through the group

Let it go, Abbey.

Abby. Can't you see some people are getting fed up with all your incessant posts about stuff.... at your age you should be sorting things out for yourself.  For goodness sake try to get a grip, and grow up, and make your own decisions. Or go see a doctor.  

I think you might have to face the harsh reality that your friend feels that your relationship has passed it's sell by date. It is horrible, but you need to move on. Getting angry only hurts you, nobody else.

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Would You Be Speaking To My Friend In My Situation?

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