What Relation Is My Half Sister To My Daughter?

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Lisa_Louise | 09:25 Tue 19th Apr 2016 | Family
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I am guessing this is easy and I'm just having a moment, but I can't figure this one out lol! Please help as my daughter is asking me what relationship she has with her!


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Oh 'eck, thought we were goin to have another "is this incest" post, but seems not, thankfully.;)

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Not a half aunt? (if there is such a thing)
I suppose she is a half-aunt really, but no one uses that term. So just aunt.
aunts may be no blood relations to their nieces at all - just being married to an uncle will do - so the requirements aren't very strict.

Half-aunt really.
You will share 25% of your genes with your half sister, so your daughter shares 12½% which indicated a half-aunt.
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Thanks all, very helpful
PS as a kid I used to call all my mother's friends, aunty. I think it is a courtesy title and that would apply to missing off the "half" bit in conversation.
My daughter has a different dad to my sons. They would never consider themselves half siblings.
I guess yours grew up together, ummmm. It might feel differently to half-siblings who meet up later in life.
Old-Geezer, it was same for me, was respectful to call Mum's friends "auntie"

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incest ? where ?

half-aunt - not often used....
I used to call my mum's best friend auntie, too. You don't hear it so much in that sense now.
Yes, Jo. My daughters dad also has two other daughters that she views as siblings. My sons have half brothers and sister that they don't view as siblings at all as they don't see them.

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What Relation Is My Half Sister To My Daughter?

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