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State Pension 2024/5

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Thisoldbird | 23:10 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | Business & Finance
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So we are looking at 8.5% rise in state pension next month. 

In my case it means I will loose the little pension credit I now receive. By losing that I will need to pay full council tax plus tv license, among other small benefits. 

I will also pay a little income tax too. 

I may as well crawl under a stone and die now. 

I know I'll not be alone. A change in government will not help me one iota at my age. 

Whenever a general election is called I'll not vote 




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Yes, pensioners have not been done any favours.  Like us you probably worked steadily and hard, expecting that you would be cared for in recompense.  Weren't we foolish?

Are you sure that you've got your facts right, TOB?  Pension Credit is rising alongside the State Pension, so I'd have thought that you'd still qualify for it.


//Whenever a general election is called I'll not vote//

You must vote & make sure you vote for Reform UK.              Yes they are untried, but both the tried ones have been equally disastrous. 


But at least you will get some  joy to see the ones that have created  this robbery  will lose their lucrative income will it not.

Have you had something telling you that?

Pension Credit will be increasing by the same percentage so that should mean you'll be entitled still.



I have always said that it is wrong that pension credit gives so many extras. It should just raise the lower pension up to basic pension for those with limited savings. 

The government says the basic state pension is sufficient.

It seems unfair that a person whose pension is a pound a week above the limit is thousands of pounds a year worse off than her neighbour whose pension is a pound below.

It is also unfair that the new basic pension, paid to younger pensioners, is so much higher than the old pension paid to older pensioners. 

I'm sorry, though, that you are feeling so low. 

Pension credit is also going up.

BARRY, with all income-related benefits, there is a limit to the permitted income and a penny above it will deny or disallow entitlement.

Regardless of how high that limit is, there will always be those who are just above it.

Question Author

Thecorbyloon, your right, although pension credit is going up, being borderline for PC it means I will just top the cut off limit. 

It's older pensioners, like me that get the lower pension rate will be the loosers again. 

You won't have to pay full Council Tax if you are the only person living in the property. 

How much pension credit do you receive at the moment?

Personally I’d advise you vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party before considering voting for Reform UK (they are also untried).

Reform is just a wasted protest vote, like Libdem.

 But there again, you likely have an ulterior motive for your advice.

Hopkirk ://Reform is just a wasted protest vote, like Libdem.//

Then you & Hymie have nothing to worry about if, as I suggested, Thisoldbird votes for her reform candidate.

But, I'll tell you something; if a certain Mr. Farage throws his hat into the Reform UK ring, which he may well do, all bets are off.

As I've said before I won't vote - there's no point.

Many constituencies are tied to one party (mine will go to the Tories) & even if the overall result is a change from one main party to the other it won't affect me (or any small effect + or - will be impossible to determine pre-GE).

I don't understand how the new/old OAP rates were allowed to happen - the difference is substantial. It's wrong.

dave; //As I've said before I won't vote - there's no point.//

There's always a point. Many people have died fighting for the right to vote. Even spoiling your ballot paper is making a statement & in a sense is a vote: a vote that you don't like any of the candidates!

Have they also reduced the amount of savings in order to claim Pension Credit from £16000 to £10000? Or am I remembering wrong?

Corby, you seem to have missed my point.  Pension credit would be fair if it bought the pension in line with basic state pension without the extras.

I agree with Hymie 👍 

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State Pension 2024/5

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