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State Pension 2024/5

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Thisoldbird | 23:10 Fri 22nd Mar 2024 | Business & Finance
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So we are looking at 8.5% rise in state pension next month. 

In my case it means I will loose the little pension credit I now receive. By losing that I will need to pay full council tax plus tv license, among other small benefits. 

I will also pay a little income tax too. 

I may as well crawl under a stone and die now. 

I know I'll not be alone. A change in government will not help me one iota at my age. 

Whenever a general election is called I'll not vote 




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If, with the current electoral system, a party can get nearly 4 million votes nationwide & achieve no representation in parliament then the system is not fit for purpose & I will not engage with it no matter how many people died fighting for it.

Khandro @ 22.18 "You must vote & make sure you vote Reform UK". Good advise .."If you vote Reform .You will get Labour"🤣

g. //"If you vote Reform .You will get Labour"//

Maybe, but they won't have such an easy ride in Parliament with one or two good Reform UK MPs in the House, which the polls suggest is a likely scenario. 

gulliver, //"If you vote Reform .You will get Labour"//


According to you it doesn't matter what you vote.  You'll get Labour anyway - or have you changed your mind?


DAVEBRO, there was a referendum in 2011 asking if it should be changed to an Alternative Vote method.

It was rejected 67.9% to 32.1% and in only ten of the 440 voting areas did the majority vote in favour of the proposed change.

Corby - I know. But the fact that a change was proposed & allowed to go to a referendum is indicative of serious (& valid) misgivings about the status quo.

First passed the post is problematic but best, or you get the 'Aufwiedersehen Pet, Shed result', where they all voted for which colour to paint the shed & it ended up yellow, which nobody wanted or had voted for.

Just like the German coalition Government of today. 🙄

I think Tory v Labour is a corallary of Trump v Biden. Whichever wins the people lose!

just because there is pension credit,,,means that the gov know the pension is to low,scrap it and

give all the same,however you vote don't forget ministers pensions are gold plated

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State Pension 2024/5

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